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Not Feeling Motivated? 5 Hacks to Keep Pushing Forward
2 years ago
Some days, there is an almost tangible motivation that you can feel pulsing through your veins when you wake up in the morning. Other days…eh…not so much. With the new year here, it’s almost as if we ...
“Made In Africa:” Changing Women’s Lives With Shea Butter
2 years ago
Rahama Wright, a first generation Ghanian, was no stranger to the difficulties that encumber women’s lives in Africa. Growing up, her mother would tell her stories of how different her childhood was v...
Today’s TMI Media Culture: Baiting Clicks At Women’s Expense
2 years ago
In 1994, at the age of nine, I received my first “serious” diary as a gift from my grandmother. Though I haven’t seen it in ages, I remember the look and feel of it quite well. It had a thick, puffy p...
Changing The Social Narrative Through Politically-Charged Burlesque
2 years ago
Although burlesque may seem like an unexpected vehicle for making a statement on social issues, Earlecia Richelle believes the art of dance is an empowering way to convey powerful, unexpected messages...
Dove Wants Women To Love Their Bodies
2 years ago
Women’s body confidence. It’s a tough issue. There is no simple answer nor resolution to the fact that roughly every second woman in the world has self esteem issues. To counteract this stifling stati...
5 Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs Changing the Rules of Business
2 years ago
Breaking in like thunder, women across the globe are sending out messages that can no longer be easily dismissed. Once again we are entering a period in time where certain values and norms are being q...