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Michele S.17 minutes ago
15 Girls Night Movies
Few nights you're down two cups of hot toddy (tea + whiskey), jamming your toes into shoes, and soon walking down to the local bar. Other nights you're on the couch with close friends, drinking beer from a wine glass, and of course, watching the feel-good movies. This list includes a wide variety of films that are fun, uplifting, tearjerking, and of course, empowering:
Kenya Smith2 days ago
Why the Slumflower Shouldn’t Have to Explain Herself
Chidera Eggerue, also known as the Slumflower, is an author and blogger who is commonly known for her controversial tweets about destructing patriarchy and for starting the "Saggyboobsmatter" hashtag....
Brittani Rider3 days ago
"You're ugly. You'll never be good enough." Did reading that make you flinch? If not, that's good to hear, but if so, it's okay as well. I'm sure we all can relate on not always feeling or looking our...
Bad Bitch5 days ago
Beauty Standards
Why is our appearance so important? Why is the size of the jeans you are wearing the only thing that matters? The judgement of others has become crucial to us. The most important thing is to look good...
Madison Rheam5 days ago
Sexual Harassment
Throughout the history of the United States, government officials have spoken about filthy things forgetting about the idea of political correctness entirely. Current president, Donald Trump, when ref...
Lonely Allie .6 days ago
To the Pretty Girls Who Wear Bow Ties
Masculinity in women isn’t the same as masculinity in men. Because it’s not about the tux itself, it’s the strength behind she who’s wearing it. It’s the confidence she has about her place on the spec...
Edward Anderson7 days ago
The Threat of Male Egos
There are some communities that need to have groups fighting for their rights, like LGBTQ, women, people of color, etc. Then there are those groups like the Men's Rights Activists groups that have spr...
Ada Zuba7 days ago
The Struggles of Being a Woman
Recently, we celebrated the day called "International Women's Day" in Poland; this day is almost as, or maybe even more so, important than Mother's Day. I feel that Mother's Day has become over-commer...
Blaise Terese7 days ago
The Princess
The Princess: A Play in One Act Players Mother—40s, dressed in semi-formal loose blouse, and pants. She carries a large pocketbook. Emily—early 20s, long hair, and floor-length dress. She carries a sm...