Paige Graffunder

Paige is an administrative and HR professional in Seattle, as well as a contributor to several local publications around the city, focused on politics, business, satire, and internet sub-culture.

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Five Things for Every Femme in STEM
6 months ago
Being a femme in a STEM field is a special kind of hell. You have to work twice as hard from the moment you decide to dedicate yourself to your field, in school, in social circles, the job hunt, and a...
An Open Letter to the Femmes Who Walked Through Fire
7 months ago
To All The Femmes Who Have Walked Through Fire, I suppose I should start this open letter with an explanation of what I mean when I say, "walked through fire." Any woman who has ever experienced traum...
The Five Things Every Femme Should Own
7 months ago
When I originally developed this list in my early 20s, I had relegated it just to "women," but as the science points to gender and sex as a spectrum, I've figured "femme" would be the most inclusive. ...