Maya Conroy

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The Wage Gap
a year ago
While discussing the newest Avengers movie, one of the actors came up, and a few of my friends laughed a little at Benedict Cumberbatch's statement of how he refuses to take a role if his female costa...
Feminism Around the World
a year ago
Every country is different, and that is a plain fact. With these differences comes different people, and they may be different, but many of them have something in common because every country has femi...
Feminism and Fashion
a year ago
As a teenage girl, I strive for the greatest outfit with my hair on point and my makeup ready for a runway, but I can’t always do that. Society tells girls that we must dress nicely and it’s become th...
Men and Muscles
a year ago
I quit sports before I began high school but it was a great experience. My team almost beat every other junior high (the other team cheated), I made several friends, I got a little bit in shape, and I...
a year ago
Emotions, aka feelings, are felt by everybody. They are specific reactions to an event or as a response to something that happens and are usually experienced as fear, hate, love, happiness, or envy. B...
Feminism in 'The Great Gatsby'
a year ago
After reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, I am left a bit surprised by the female characters. Half of them seem to be independent and embracing their opportunities to be something more th...