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Gillette's New Ad Is Infuriating Both Men AND Women
5 months ago
Gillette came out with a new ad the other day… and it’s driving people completely up the wall. It focused on the fact that toxic masculinity is still a huge issue and that if we want the future generation of men to be great, we need to stop excusing bad behavior. It doesn't mean that all men physically, sexually, or even verbally attack each other, but a lot of men do sit back and do nothing. That in itself is toxic masculinity and it adds to the problem. They pointed out that there’s still a hu...
To The Strip Clubs Who Don't Hire Plus-Sized or Alternative Women
5 months ago
Last summer when I got fired from my job as a server, I was restlessly searching for another one; not only in the food industry but the retail one too. I was searching for anything I could get my hand...