Jules Fortman

Modern feminist making moves one pink hat at a time.

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How to React When Your Doctor Refuses to Sterilize You
17 days ago
Of the women who use contraception, 20 percent of them choose sterilization over any other birth control option. A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in 2017 e...
Why Are Men Afraid of Feminism?
a month ago
Why are men afraid of feminism? It's a loaded question. Not all men feel this way. Not all men disrespect, oppress, or control women. Not all men hold women in disdain. Some men, however, cannot even ...
Famous Feminists Throughout History
a year ago
Feminism has made huge changes in the way women and men live life — all for the better. Feminists made it possible for women to vote, giving children the ability to be raised by single parents away fr...
A Timeline of the Feminist Movement
a year ago
Feminism has changed the world we live in, and these days, many of us couldn't imagine living in a world like The Handmaid's Tale. Not too long ago, though, that was basically what reality was like fo...
Who Is Gloria Steinem?
a year ago
Few feminist names will ever be as big as Gloria Steinem's. Her name is one that has been inextricably linked with both the women's feminist movement of the 60s and 70s, as well as the Civil Rights mo...