Heather Wilkins

Lover of words with a hope for a future novelist career.

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Working in Retail Helps Me Get Along with Women
5 months ago
I moved up to Saint Augustine almost one year from now. I moved up for some guy. (Insert feminist trigger-rage face.) But I have been with this guy for six years so it was bound to happen one way or a...
My Periods After Stopping Birth Control
10 months ago
I have been on the pill for five years, the same amount of time as my current relationship. But I have been wanting to get off them for nearly two years now because I was with the same boy since colle...
My Menarche
a year ago
I was 11 when I just started my period. But the problem was, I had no idea that I was having one. It happened at my grandma’s house. We were waiting for my parents to come home from an anniversary din...
Tatas or Nadas
a year ago
Everyone latched onto their mother's boob at one point in time. But while some states allow breastfeeding to be publicly protected, the stigma is something that should be removed as well. Huffington P...
Reprimanding for False Allegations
a year ago
#MeToo is about letting other women know of their sexual assault tales. But the popular hashtag is causing a ruckus of the protocol in the ways people look into sexual assault. Recently in the news, a...
Why #MeToo Succeeds and Fails
a year ago
I may not have a #MeToo story, but I know that it may be harder for women to get a job anywhere sexual harassment or assault may be rampant because of one thing: it's male dominated. #MeToo may have s...