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Is Your PMS Spiraling Out of Control? Here’s How You Can Fix It

It’s not just about bloating and headaches. PMS is an issue that can affect every element of your day—and thankfully, there’s a way to alleviate alleviate symptoms like irritability, moodiness, and uneasiness without getting prescription drugs involved.

Photo by Vladislav Muslakov

PMS, also known as premenstrual syndrome, is one of the most widespread hormone-related issues in the world, and yet, we don’t often pay much attention to how deeply it can affect us. Three out of every four women in the world will experience PMS during their childbearing years. 40 percent of all women in the world will also experience serious lifestyle difficulties as a result of their PMS.

Most people know PMS as a syndrome characterized by bloating, tender breasts, and mood swings. It’s a syndrome that tends to pop up during the first couple of days prior to your period. However, there’s a lot more to PMS than meets the eye, and a dietary supplement called Serenol™ might be the drug-free treatment many women need to conquer their symptoms. 

What is PMS, really?

Photo by Zohre Nemati

Premenstrual syndrome is a series of symptoms caused by hormonal fluctuations due to a woman’s menstrual cycle. The sudden drop in estrogen tends to cause sore breasts, headaches, cramps, weight gain, acne, and bloating.

A multitude of various physical symptoms have been linked to PMS, but the fact is that it’s not just something that affects your body. Many women can tell you that there is a powerful emotional element to PMS as well.

Women who suffer from PMS are likely to experience mood swings, uneasiness, sleep disturbances, or even aggression as a result. If you’ve ever randomly felt like crying before your period or lashed out at someone you love, chances are you have seen how bad the emotional symptoms of PMS can get.

PMS tends to get worse with age.

Photo by Davide Pietralunga

If you had mood swings during puberty, then you already remember the inexplicable “crazy” feeling you experienced as a teenager. Then, you may have noticed that your mood swings dropped off a bit—for the most part, anyway.

As they age, many women find that the mood swings they experience due to PMS start to get worse. This is particularly true as women reach their late 30s to early 40s, which tends to be the age range when most women will undergo perimenopause—the time leading up to your final period. 

While many people have mild PMS symptoms, those who have severe symptoms often find themselves in difficult positions.

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris

The problem with PMS is that it’ll affect everyone differently. Many women will experience bloating, but not mood swings. Others will experience light versions of both, while more will end up seriously struggling with their PMS symptoms.

While many women will not find PMS to be an issue, the women who do experience serious symptoms often don’t know what to do. They may feel like PMS is “making them crazy,” or even feel alienated by their inability to control their emotions during that time of the month.

Does this sound like the issues you’ve had with PMS in the past? If so, you’re not alone. Premenstrual syndrome can make anyone feel a little “crazy” or out of control. 

In the past, the emotional side of PMS wasn’t really something you could treat.

Photo by Zohre Nemati

Up until fairly recently, the most anyone could do for PMS was to take Advil or Midol in hopes that the cramps, bloating, and headaches would subside. There was no treatment available for the moodiness, irritability, and uneasiness that women often felt.

In the past, doctors would prescribe hormonal treatments or antidepressants to help alleviate the symptoms of PMS that women were naturally feeling. However, these drugs can lead to unwanted side effects that make the downside not worth the potential upside.

PMS no longer has to be the emotional rollercoaster it once was.

Photo by Anthony Tran

If you don’t want to risk your health for a solution to PMS symptoms, there’s some good news. You no longer have to rely on prescription drugs to get the emotional symptoms of PMS treated. In recent years, the ingredients in a drug-free supplement called Serenol have been clinically shown to reduce the emotional symptoms of PMS*(1). 

What’s Serenol?

Serenol is a once-daily supplement made from flower pollen extract, Chromax® chromium picolinate, and royal jelly. These three non-drug ingredients have been shown to be safe and also have been shown to be effective at reducing the emotional symptoms of PMS*(1).

Women who have used Serenol have noticed a remarkable improvement in symptoms ranging from mood swings and irritability, to water retention and food cravings*(1)(2). Simply put, if you’re looking for relief from PMS and have noticed your symptoms getting worse, it’s time to get Serenol. 

How do you use Serenol?

Taking Serenol is as easy as can be. You simply take it every day, and enjoy the benefits of being able to take control of your PMS. With most women, the longer you take Serenol, the more pronounced the effects will be—with many noticing PMS mood-related symptoms subsiding after just two cycles*(1).

Using this supplement regularly is made easier by Serenol’s site, which allows you to subscribe to automatic deliveries of one box per month. This way, you’ll never run out of your supplement—and you’ll always be able to retain control over your symptoms day after day.

Here’s why you’re going to love Serenol.

Photo by Philipe Cavalcante

If you have ever experienced the turmoil that having unexplainable mood swings can cause, you already know why Serenol is rapidly growing in popularity. Having to live life while feeling irritable all day is rough!

These days, there are solutions to PMS symptoms that allow you to live life without the burden of mood swings. Being able to avoid the “crazy-making” side of PMS is a life-changer that can allow you to fully capture all that the world has to offer you.

Currently, over 2,000 doctors across the United States suggest Serenol for their patients because its ingredients have been shown to be safe and effective for relieving emotional symptoms of PMS*(1). Anyone who has ever felt helpless in the face of their periods should give this a try and experience the results that had thousands of doctors give their seal of approval. 

  1. Winther K, Henman C. Curr Ther Res Clin Exp. 2002; 63 (5): 344-353.
  2. Anton S, et al. Diabetes Technol Ther. 2008;10(5): 405-412.

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