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10 Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Women’s Health
4 days ago
Amazon Prime Day is coming up on July 16th, and you know what that means...savings! It’s the one day a year when awesome products are being offered up at fractions of their typical costs. If you’re wi...
I Tested the FOREO UFO—And It Gave Me Skin That’s Out of This World!
7 days ago
FOREO is a relatively new brand that became known for technology-oriented skincare featuring gentle silicone tools and awesome results. Some of their hit products include the LUNA 2, the ISSA, and the...
Things Women Should Know About Money When in a Relationship
4 months ago
Anyone who's known me for more than a couple of days can tell you that I'm a bit obsessed with two things: money and relationships. These two things seem totally unrelated, and if you're talking about...
Debunked Myths About Your Vagina
5 months ago
We live in a society that seems to be obsessed with both female sexuality and female anatomy. Though we constantly gab and debate about the female body, as a society, we're really ignorant about how t...
Cutest Supportive Bras for Big Boobs
6 months ago
Ladies and gentlemen, I have big boobs. Like, really big. As in, my largest bra size was a 38L. (No, that's not a typo, there are real L-cup bras.) Nowadays, I'm down to a 36G, which is still apparent...
#ThisIsBeauty Is The New Movement With A Surprising Backstory
7 months ago
If there's one community you'd expect to be all about the idea of beauty being a codified, standardized trait, it'd be the beauty pageant community. With so many movies and television shows mocking ho...