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Swaay 2 years ago
Fact or Fiction: The Art of Feminist Marketing
In today’s world there is no shortage of feminist-slanted marketing initiatives. Huge companies promise to “help women break the glass ceiling” with emotional campaigns that tug at the heart strings. ...
Swaay 2 years ago
This Chilean-Born Entrepreneur Is Creating A Network For Change
Though many people feel outraged by current events taking place on American soil and abroad, the hurdle between anger and action often seems too broad to jump. Though many are armed with information (...
Swaay 2 years ago
7 Genius Female Inventions You Use Every Day Without Realizing
Where would we be without the inventions of the great men of the world? Apple – Steve Jobs, the telephone – Alexander Graham Bell, the atomic bomb – Albert Einstein, the gun – Richard Gatling. Nowhere...
Swaay 2 years ago
5 Unsung Female War Heroes
It’s not often you hear tales of female war heroes. And why? Because women were only allowed into combat in very recent history. The first female U.S participants in war (officially) was in the last y...
Swaay 2 years ago
The Key to Gender Equality:Women Empowering Women
As a Vietnamese immigrant growing up in the 80s and 90s in America, I didn’t see many women running companies and definitely didn’t see any female Vietnamese immigrants leading businesses in America. ...
Swaay 2 years ago
The SWAAY Story: “I Am An Immigrant”
I am an Irish immigrant. SWAAY’s Founder is a Muslim who emigrated here from Morocco, and our Managing Editor is a first generation Cuban whose grandparents arrived on JFK’s Freedom flights. Our stori...