Rachel Ann

I am here to share my story and hope to pick up some passengers on my journey to self-love. Let’s make this world an incredible place to live in by starting to take care of our mental health. 

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Coping Mechanisms for Survivors
2 months ago
What specific coping mechanisms helped you the most when you were in a crisis due to sexual violence? I asked other survivors from around the world this exact question. I wanted to offer those options...
One Day, One Year
3 months ago
Have you ever felt like the world was on top of your shoulders? You could be standing up tall, but still have difficulty breathing. No matter how many times someone told you, “it gets better” nothing ...
April 30, 2018
9 months ago
Day 37 11/30/2018 Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. Trigger warning, please take caution before continuing to read. Thank you. Today, I want to take a piece of advice, explain what it mea...