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10 Fun and Affordable Girls' Night Out Ideas

Looking for something to do tonight? These are the most affordable girls' night out ideas that you're actually going to want to get out of the house for.

It's always a great night out when you have made memories with your friends, and finding things to do that don't require emptying your wallet is even better. These are the top ten most affordable girls' night out ideas that you're actually going to want to do. From bowling to wine tasting and much more, these ideas are sure to fill your weekends up quickly. 

So what are you waiting for? Gather up your closest friends, and spend the night making memories, enjoying each other's company, and having some fun, without breaking the bank. 

Movie Night

Instead of going out to a bar, taking a few of your girlfriends with you to the movies is always a great alternative. And though movie prices have gone up, it is still considered to be one of the best affordable girls' night out ideas. 

Using movie apps such as Fandango will allow you to search up where your desired movie is playing. Based off of this, find the theatre that doesn't require you to spend $40 on 3D IMAX dine-in options, and rather choose a basic theatre that will cost you much less. A great way to spend time with your girls, it's nice to leave your dates at home and enjoy a date night with your girlfriends instead. 

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting will forever be a great activity to enjoy the company of your friends, still have a drink, and not go crazy. If you're looking for a more low-key night, and a much more affordable one, wine tasting is a great way to go. 

As one of the most affordable girls' night out ideas, you will be able to sit and talk with your friends, enjoy some wine, and potentially find a new favorite bottle. Plus, if you go during the evening when the sun is still out, wineries will often have a beautiful view for you to enjoy, perfect for a summer night. 


Museum dates are great, but they can also be enjoyed with friends. Going to a museum for the night instead of hitting a bar is something that will be much more remembered by you and your friends. 

Plus, it is much less expensive than spending money on alcohol, cover charges, and late night snacks. If you live near a city, this trip is easier than ever. If not, take a weekend trip to visit some of the coolest and most interesting museums in the world. They might be closer than you think. 

Window Shop

Shopping always seems like a good idea. But when we're considering our wallets, is it really? As an alternative to handing over your cash, window shopping is another one of the most affordable girls' night out ideas. 

It is a great time to enjoy with friends, but you won't have to feel guilty about sneaking those giant shopping bags into your house. Window shopping allows you and your friends to try on fun dresses, extravagant clothing, and pick and choose what you would bring home, if you were in the market. 

Photo Shoot

To have a fun photo shoot with friends, all you'll need is a friend, a good outfit, and a camera (or even just your phone.) This might seem out of your comfort zone, but you don't need to strut down the street in stilettos to have a fun photo shoot. 

Plus, you can always be the designated photographer. A fun way to get a great Instagram picture, and spend some time with friends, this will cost you $0, and gain you some fun memories. 

Happy Hour

Say you and your girls are in desperate need of a drink after a long week; Happy Hour is the best way to do this without sacrificing your wallet. As one of the most affordable girls' night out ideas, Happy Hour will be you and your girlfriends' most looked forward to outing. 

Cheap drinks, and often times cheap appetizers and entrees, most bars and restaurants participate in happy hour around five PM. There are also many opportunities to be aware of in which these locations will extend their sales for multiple hours. 


Bowling is a great way to be competitive, have some drinks, and enjoy each other's company. There's a reason why your local bowling alley will never go out of business; it's fun! 

And even if you and your friends are not the greatest at bowling, there are always bumpers. Most bowling alleys have a bar, and they typically have a pretty inexpensive beer and mixed drinks. So drink away, get competitive, and enjoy the night knowing that you're not spending a paycheck. 


No matter where you live, there are things to see. And though you might drive past them every day, sightseeing is a great way to appreciate where you live. One of the most affordable girls' night out ideas, sightseeing is a great way to spend your night, create some memories, and take great photographs

Plus, it's completely free! Get in the car with your friends, and find the best spots in your hometown. You'll have more fun than you think. And you'll gain a new appreciation for the place you live. 


Aquariums are filled with things to do, animals to see, and shows to watch, all for an inexpensive ticket. Something that many people will not think of when considering their evening plans, but an aquarium visit is a great way to spice things up with your closest girlfriends. 

Or, an alternative to this could be seeking out the closest planetarium or observatory to stargaze and learn about our planet and the solar system, both being equally as fun. 


What's better than allowing yourself a nice slice of cake with the company of your friends also stuffing their faces? Last on our list of the most affordable girls' night out ideas is to simply go out and get your favorite dessert tonight. And hey, if that leads to a drink or two, we're not going to judge you. 

This is especially cheap if you go to your local diner; those are the best spots to find a great cookie, milkshake, cheesecake, you name it. So next time you're looking for something to do, satisfy your sweet tooth. 

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