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10 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Only Using Organic Tampons
a year ago
Many women are so used to the normal tampons on the shelves of CVS that they don't think twice about the ingredients that create them. You put a tampon in your body for hours on end, snug between some...
10 Fun and Affordable Girls' Night Out Ideas
a year ago
It's always a great night out when you have made memories with your friends, and finding things to do that don't require emptying your wallet is even better. These are the top ten most affordable girl...
10 Common Questions About Birth Control Usage
a year ago
From the basics to more complex understandings of birth control methods, these are the top ten questions about birth control usage. Is my birth control making me fat? Or how about, am I safe to skip o...
10 Things Women Don't Owe You
a year ago
Though honestly, women don't owe anyone anything, this is the ultimate list of the things women don't owe you, without a doubt. From a smile to sex to children or a conversation, these are the things ...
Awesome Gifts Every Proud Feminist Will Love
a year ago
From tapestries to candles and wall clocks, there is a feminist gift for everyone. The market for feminist products is great, and choosing the perfect gifts every proud feminist will love can be overw...
The Most Powerful Female CEOs in the Business World
a year ago
From Mary Barra to Sheryl Sandberg, the most powerful female CEOs in the business world have one thing in mind: growth. As some of the most strong-willed, intelligent women in the world, these busines...