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Women Need to Cover Up

Breastfeeding in public is indecent.

Photo by Kyle Nieber on Unsplash

We all hear the sentence and we have heard it over and over again, "women should not breastfeed in public" or "women need to be more decent." My personal favorite and laughable opinion: "Women should feed their babies in a more private place, like for instance, in a bathroom."

In all honesty, women should not have to feed their child anywhere that could possibly contain disgusting bacteria; all you folks suggesting otherwise need to first have a baby, then talk. I bet many of you would change your view on the controversial topic. Would you yourself eat in the bathroom? No? Okay then.

Women should not have to cover one breast up while feeding a baby, most of the time you don't even see their nipple, because the baby is covering the view. Unless, of course, you are trying to take a peak. If you're trying to take a peak then you're either a person confused about their sexuality or a pervert. Men, you are more than likely the second suggestion.

If women are considered indecent for feeding their babies, then you are indecent for looking. Imagine this: It's a nice sunny day at the beach, where everyone is already half naked, and your baby is hungry. Let us assume it is a pleasant 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Would you cover the baby up with a blanket? I, myself, would not because that is dangerous for a baby. Before you all claim having a baby in that heat is dangerous. Let me remind you that they make baby certified sunscreen and little baby hats to block the sun. Also, they can go to shady places and they might even be under a beach umbrella. I know many couples that have taken their seven-week-old babies to the beach or pool. Most of them have another child that wanted to go, so they took the baby with them.

I feel that most women who are against breastfeeding in public without a cover are the same ones that get jealous when their "man" passes another woman in the same setting. Get over your insecurities, if your man is loyal he won't look, and if you think he would look then maybe you should find another man. Some women just feel the need to put down others and think they are perfect and do no wrong. NEWS FLASH: Nobody is perfect, and women need to lift other women up, not judge them for feeding their baby.

I'm not bashing the conservative mothers, but do not judge those that are only caring for their baby. Breastfeeding in public is okay. Breastfeeding without a cover is okay, too. Just like breastfeeding with a cover is okay. This should not be that hard to respect others.

This shouldn't even be an issue. Something that would make the world a better place to live would be for people learning and minding their own business. It should not matter to you if someone does something you don’t personally like or would not do. If you wouldn't do it then don't, simple as that. We live in such a "butt-hurt" America, and it is starting to become embarrassing. What's more embarrassing is a woman judging another woman for what she does. Worry about yourself. If the baby is not in potential or immediate danger, turn around and go on elsewhere if you cannot understand the importance in a baby’s need to feed. “But they can pump it and take bottles with them.” Sometimes, that is just not an option. Pumping breastmilk is difficult and the bottles need to be refrigerated, and then warmed up to keep fresh.

With all this knowledge, you can now share this post and see who actually read all of this or not.

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Women Need to Cover Up
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