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Why Everyone Should Be a Feminist

Feminism isn't just for women!

The definition of feminism is “the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”—equality of the sexes. This does not mean we want women to rise up and take over the world.

It also does not mean that we think every man should stay at home, raise the kids and do the chores.

It means we want equality.

As a man, were you expected to stay at home to raise the children, probably not, would you have had the choice if your incomes allowed it? Yes.

As a man, do you have to pay “luxury” taxes on things that quite literally stop you bleeding heavily through your clothes—of course not. Your nice blue razors aren’t even classed as luxuries.

As a man, do you have to worry about what you wear, where you go and the amount of alcohol you consume just in case someone decides to rape you? I was raped, age 14. STILL NOT ASKING FOR IT.

As a man, do you look at your colleagues of the opposite gender and discover that they are being paid double your salary for doing the same (or less) work? This actually happened to me.

A man I was managing at work was earning double my yearly salary, I went to my boss and asked for equality. He told me, “Surely I didn’t want his charity, that I should want to earn that pay raise.” Is it a pay rise if you want to be on the same wages as your subordinates?

The people who protest equality the most are usually the people who benefit the most from inequality. What do you have to lose by gaining equality?

I was discussing feminism with a close male friend and he told me he was a feminist. He recalled a discussion he had with his sister about the issue.

She asked him how he could be a feminist when he was a man, his response “I am a black man. I’ve dealt with prejudices from my peers, from my teachers and from people I’ve worked with because of something I cannot change. I have experienced hate because of something that is a part of who I am. I don’t understand how you can experience that inequality and not be able to relate to the inequalities of other groups of people.”


Almost every human being has some level of empathy, we can look at the suffering around us and relate - perhaps not on the same level exactly, but we can relate to an extent.

Why are we so blind to the inequality within our communities, in our workplaces and in our homes? Why do we allow this amount of hate to rule our societies.

Donald Trump is in the White House. He is grabbing people by the pussy. He is rallying support for a wall. He is keeping people in concentration camps. Worst of all, there are people that think he is right.

You do not take back your rights by taking rights away from other people. You don’t gain anything from spreading hate. Who becomes happier? You won’t be happier.

We should all fight for equality, in everything. If you are male or female, if you are heterosexual or part of the LGBTQ community, if you are black or white. In my eyes, you deserve equality. You deserve to be appreciated and loved for who you are.

Don't tolerate any less.

Keep fighting for equality. Hopefully, Trumps reign of terror will soon be over.

Lots of love,

The not-so-angry feminist.

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Why Everyone Should Be a Feminist
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