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Why Dating Is Expensive for Women and How to Save Money

There's a perception that most of the expenses involved with dating rest on the man's shoulders, but the business of dating is actually so much more expensive for the woman.

There's a perception that most of the expenses involved with dating rest on the man's shoulders. Couples do "go Dutch" when it comes to settling bills, but traditional attitudes persist, with men insisting on paying for meals, taxi rides, concert tickets, and so on. At least during the early stages, after connecting on matchmaking service or in some more conventional social setting. But the business of dating is actually so much more expensive for the woman. They can't just spend 15 minutes getting trimmed at the barber, shower, throw on a shirt and trousers, and then turn up.

Females spend a lot of money on things guys don't have to such as toiletries, makeup, hair appointments that can last for hours, and a selection of tantalizing scents. They take great pride in their wardrobe, paying attention to matching handbags or aspects of color coordination their partners regard as a dark art. So why is dating so pricy for women and how can they surmount this?


Guys think nothing of turning up for a date in the suit they wore to the office that day—or, for less formal get-togethers, a presentable t-shirt and jeans combo. Women spend so much more time on the image they present. Where the male might bump into someone at the bar wearing that same shirt and share a laugh about this, for women in a similar situation, this is a dire social faux-pas. In most instances, both parties would demand their respective partners escort them somewhere else, far away, immediately.

Women will spend a lot of time and expenses on new clothes. As well as outfits that can only be worn while they remain in season, there is appropriate footwear to consider. Guys might get by with formal shoes for the office and a few pairs of trainers for lounging about in, but girls expect to be able to open their wardrobe door and be confronted by shoes of every size and description, every color and heel length, all neatly stacked along the shelving.

What about those occasions when the date turns out to be a resounding success and continues long after the evening meal? Any self-respecting woman likes to have a choice of expensive lingerie ready to be deployed at a moment's notice. The trouble with sensual underwear is that the racier the outfit, the more eye-watering the price tag will be.

Health and Well-Being

Women love to look after their appearance, so there will be frequent trips to their favorite beauty salon. Everything from hairstyles to nails, and skin treatments to hair removal, have to be factored into the "pre-date budget." There might well be a gym membership, aerobics classes, or any manner of activities designed to keep her physique at its prime.

Other Expenses

Some females lead busy lifestyles and rely on internet dating to touch base with prospective partners. Depending on which particular service or niche is involved, there can be costs involved with some of these sites.

Cutting Costs

There are practical steps any woman can take to cut down on dating expenses. Appreciate that most guys can't really tell one designer dress from another, and are far more likely to be thinking what you'd look like out of the outfit. So fuss less about brand new garments. You could always borrow from a friend.

Don't fixate on expensive perfumes or beauty accessories when every store will always stock more economical versions. And check out the free dating sites first!

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Why Dating Is Expensive for Women and How to Save Money
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