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Walmart Succumbs to Pressure from Conservative Lobbyists Who Twisted Meaning Behind #Metoo Movement in an Attempt to Justify Removing Cosmopolitan from Checkout Stands

(This happened in late March, but it's the first post on my blog.)

Walmart, American retail company - image found on Google images, NOT MY IMAGE, NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED - belongs to Digital Trends

"Walmart removes Cosmopolitan from checkouts as conservative lobbyists celebrate"

Walmart removed Cosmopolitan form checkout stands, following pressure from The National Centre on Sexual Exploitation.

Haley Halverson, vice-president of conservative pressure group The National Centre on Sexual Exploitation, spoke to the Washington Post and claimed that "in this #MeToo world, its time to start addressing the fact that we can't treat women as objects in these ways in our popular culture and then expect individuals to treat women with respect in their day-to-day lives."

Dawn Hawkins, executive director of The National Centre on Sexual Exploitation, claimed that "this is what real change looks like in our #MeToo culture".... it's not, the change we need for #MeToo is understanding that sexualisation and sexual abuse and harassment is wrong. 

Hawkins compares Cosmopolitan with Playboy, a comparison that literally has me begging for breath. Playboy is literally a men's magazine, that puts women on the covers. It has been owned by a man since its first issue, and only sexualises the women it covers and makes them think they can only please men. Cosmopolitan however, EMBRACES WOMANHOOD. And besides everything else they write about, lets women know they can be sexual for themselves, which is unfortunately, a radical concept. 

It's important to explain two things: one, the definition of #MeToo, and second, the magazine Cosmoplitan.

The #MeToo movement: an international movement against sexual harassment and assault. A movement for women, and men, to link arms and say that they too have experienced someone aiming to rob them of their power and voice. 

The magazine "Cosmopolitan": an international magazine for women, covering relationships, sex, politics, beauty, and advancing your career.

The National Centre on Sexual Exploitation have decided that women cannot be guaranteed respect, if they choose to advance their knowledge in what it means to be a woman. 

My response to The National Centre on Sexual Exploitation is that, being sexual or talking about sex (which is clearly their main concern with Cosmo), doesn't rob you of respect, nor does it rob you of still deserving respect whether you have clothes on or not. 

My main issue is with Halverson and Hawkins, and how they doctored the #MeToo movement as a reason to remove Cosmopolitan. They could have simply stated that the often adult content of Cosmpolitan shouldn't be exposed and visible for children. They have confused the meaning and intentions of Cosmopolitan, with somehow enabling the international hidden curriculum of the sexualisation and objectification of women.

The only thing taking respect away from the women is Halverson using the word "objects" in referring to women. You can have your breasts out and be sexual for YOU, and still not be asking for any mistreatment. The National Centre on Sexual Exploitation had the theory, Walmart brought the practical, and has successfully objectified women and reduced the magazine to being for male consumption and not there for the empowerment and sexual liberation of women. 

The perception of women needs to reach a place of respect and admiration, not to be exploited. We need to accept that women have their own sexuality, away from men. Women can exist by themselves in every realm and aspect of life.

If we are to remove Cosmopolitan from checkout stands, and higher up and out of view from kids, then every other magazine presenting adult themes needs to go with it. 

Halverson and Dawkins, don't bring in the revolutionary and inspiring MeToo movement where it is not applicable and only ends up being damaged and put into ill repute. Say instead, that in line with your conservative and traditional ideals, the idea of women owning their sexuality and sensuality, as well as being interested in beauty and politics and advancing their career, simply doesn't sit well with you. It's an alien concept that is damaging to the patriarchal society that has succeeded in brainwashing you two.



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Walmart Succumbs to Pressure from Conservative Lobbyists Who Twisted Meaning Behind #Metoo Movement in an Attempt to Justify Removing Cosmopolitan from Checkout Stands
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