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To the Girl Who Doesn’t Know If She Can Do It

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

At the beginning of every relationship it’s sunshine and roses, unicorns fly by farting rainbows and everything seems perfect in the world. He is the one for sure, three months in. Than something happens, it’s six months in, but you can work it out right? Than one year passes and you are making excuses and trying to tell that voice in your head to shut up because he is perfect.

Next thing you know, you’re in debt from him “borrowing” money that he will pay back, you’re sitting on your bed crying because he won’t stop yelling at you because you got angry that you had to ask him for the ninth time to clean the cat litter, while you did the laundry, dishes, and made dinner. The fights get worse and you eventually end up looking in the mirror hating what you see, and thinking that you deserved that black eye.

This, is for you girl. To let you know there is a light at the end of all this, and if it takes you one day to leave, or it takes you a year to leave, you need to know you are worth it, you are worth better. People will talk about how they would never let that happen to them, that they would fight back and leave. Those ideas are great and strong willed, but those people do not know what it’s like seeing the face of the person you love most completely blank as they hurt you.

Right now, you may be reading this, finding comfort in knowing you’re not alone. The saddest truth is that you really are not alone, many women and men have hurt like this. This one is for you, for all of us. To know that you need to stop saying I can not survive without him, because you can. It’ll be hard, but not as hard as it will be when you have to explain to your daughter that what Daddy does is not love or to your son that this is not how we show a women or man that we love them.

Right now, you need to put aside the fear of what’s to come because the horror you are in now is real. It is not something you made up in your head, and it is not your fault that it is happening. This is for you, to know that making that escape will be welcome with support, maybe not from who you expected, but it’ll be there. This is for you, to free your soul from the cage you’ve been put into by unfriendly hands. This is for you to know that you are stronger than they tell you that you are and worth more than they show you. This is so you know you can do it.

- Bells

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To the Girl Who Doesn’t Know If She Can Do It
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