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Three Conscious Creators, to Help Give You a Better Perspective on Life

Whilst social media influencers and creators can often get a bad rep, these amazing ladies are giving the industry a new name. A "conscious" one at that.

What does it even mean to be "conscious" in the age of social media?

That's a great question and one that I don't entirely have the answer to. So, I Googled it and as expected, Google provided me with the general definition of being conscious as; "Having knowledge of something." Well, I have some knowledge of technology but does that mean I know the inner workings of the laptop i'm currently using? Not quite. 

After conducting some self-reflection, which allowed me to dig a little deeper, I came to the conclusion that "being conscious" (particularly when it comes to social media usage) is really about being fully aware of one's self. Being conscious is about being aware of how ones actions, might impact the world outside of themselves. It also involves thinking about how the world and the things we choose to take in, affect us. 

In a world where mass consumerism is very much a "lewk" and gaining as much "clout" (learned these words from Instagram. Urban Dictionary it.) as possible is becoming of the utmost importance, I and many others, are of the awareness that social media acts to fuel this. How? Well, think about it. Think about the last time you clicked on the "YouTube" app and told yourself you'd only watch "a couple of videos" and found yourself sat in the same place hours later. YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and pretty much the whole of the internet is set up to maintain engagement. Even Vocal! And truthfully, there's nothing wrong with that, if you're being engaged in things that provide some form of value to you.

Entertainment vs Obsession

The problem occurs when we're mindlessly scrolling through feeds and feeds of information. Perhaps I'm only speaking for myself here but there have been times that I've been stressed and decided to have a little scroll through Instagram. By "little," I really mean a huge, long, mindless scroll which only left me feeling even more tensed that I was before. In that instance, social media was only fueling more feelings of negativity and stress, it was adding no value to my life.

Now, don't get me wrong! I think it's important that we find sources of entertainment in our lives. For many of us, social media acts as that source of entertainment but where do we cross the line between entertainment and an obsession? Well, that's where these conscious creators come in! These ladies are not about providing you with information overload but rather, they're here to provide you all with useful information, musings on life, relationships, productivity and all around amazingness! So why don't you check them out during your down time?

Shope Adisa

Shope Adisa is a blogger and academic. Her blog is in its early stages but you can already tell what kind of vibe she's aiming for. Although I can almost imagine that she'd hate the term "conscious creator," I truly do think her work and what she appears to believe in, fits into this category all too well. 

You can find Shope on her blog, Instagram and on YouTube. 

Rowena Tsai

Rowena is another wonderful lady that promotes the importance of being self-aware and present. Her YouTube channel promotes the importance of self-care (and not the trendy "5 steps to self-love" but ACTUAL self-care) and taking time to develop and nurture yourself. 

I'd highly recommend checking out her YouTube channel to see more of her amazing content!


Lavendaire (or Aileen) runs a YouTube channel and blog. Her motto is "Life is an art. Make it your masterpiece." and she is encouraging us all to make a masterpiece out of the life that we live. Her YouTube content is present yet forward thinking all at the same time. As much as she encourages us all to be grateful for out present state of being, she also makes content about goal-making and productivity. 

So, that's all folks! I highly recommend checking out each of this wonderful women if you find yourself overwhelmed with the whole of social media. Yes, it sounds contradictory but I really do believe these women can aid in providing you with a different and conscious outlook on life. Enjoy! 


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Three Conscious Creators, to Help Give You a Better Perspective on Life
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