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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


Design by Myself and Jesus Blones

When I was a teenager, something unexpected happened to me that was hard to overcome, but as the years went by I learned to accept that what happened happened and to move on from it. Sadly, that was hard to do, but the man I am with today helped me through that journey to get over what has happened. This poem was written before I had met him as a start to get over what has happened to me, and after such a long time, this dragon tattoo represents the truth about me as a person.

The Poem

Years has pass

But I still remember

Your smirk, your smile

The look you would give

As you bite your lip

Your eyes so seductive

I thought it was the light playing tricks

You had that look numerous of times

Your touch

I still feel ghostly

On me

Places that shouldn't been touched

Not by hands or by the trace of saliva

I will tell you stop

But you would convince me other wise

These painful, regretful memories

Is like the plague that keeps on picking

Sometimes I still feel as though I can't be with anyone

Not even myself

The idea of not finding anyone

Because of you

You were 18

I trusted you

Instead you scared me

A wound that keeps opening and closing each time I see that look

That look haunts me from any guy

You wanted to take away my cherry

But you didn't

That sweet fruit is still there

Waiting for the right one to give

But just remember

If I can't find anyone

I know you are at fault

And I was as well

Cause I was only 15


After moving to a new state, I had befriended someone who picked up some qualities that I may be demisexual. I did my own research on the word and the meaning to understand what demisexual is. The definition of the word means a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form an emotional connection. Despite of everything that has happened to me in the past I started to connect why I didn’t really want to do anything sexual for a long time. It was because I was more interested in strong feelings and a strong bond. I didn’t know there was an actual word, or the fact it was a sexual orientation that can be with other sexual orientation.

The Dragon, the Past, and #MeToo

Photo by Me | Design by Me and Jesus Blones | Tattoo by Jesus Blones

I got my first tattoo at 18, and after six years, I finally wanted to find a way to close my haunted past—which was by a meaningful tattoo. My tattoo artist and I collaborate a dragon tattoo lying in her nest with two eggs. The color scheme, purple, white, black, and gray are the colors of the demisexual flag. The two eggs are possible near journeys that can lead to two different paths. The dragon is a Wyvern, it’s always seen as masculine but with feminine features, which is very much like me since I still have a tomboy attitude.

I love my tattoo and I am very proud of dealing with the pain of getting it. Whenever I think about those dark times, I look at this new tattoo and smile because those chapters are now closed and I can start a new brighter chapter without looking back. I refused to let the past haunt me and take over me instead I embrace it, learned from it, and try to reach out to others so they won’t go through the same thing or I can relate to those who went through it and be there for them cause I know how it felt to be alone in that kind of situation. I can say they aren't alone anymore and help them understand it wasn't their fault, so they can get a start to move on with their life to a brighter future.


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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
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