Trace the link between feminism and relationships from outdated norms to modern conventions including chivalry, working mothers, splitting the bill and beyond.

Samantha Reid4 days ago
What's in a Name?
The last name debate has been going on for quite some time now. It is not a new question for people to ask: should I take his last name? But people seem to think that it is a phenomenon of the 21st ce...
KMack 7 days ago
My Victim Statement for the Trial
Victim Impact Statement Tuesday, 1 April 2014 I, K Mack, write this impact statement in relation to the charges against Robert Bonnet. I cannot begin to put into words strong enough to emphasise the f...
Phoebe Cooper10 days ago
I’m a Strong, Independent Woman but I Still Can’t Say ‘No’
As cliché as it sounds, I have long considered myself to be a strong, independent woman who won’t do anything just because someone else wants me to. Every date I’ve been on I’ve said that I’m going to...
Mina LeAnn20 days ago
Open Letter to My Abuser
You probably haven’t thought about me at all in the past five years, but I think about you constantly. And the more I think about you, the more time that passes, I begin to realize that you were the a...
O 20 days ago
And My Family Loved Him
My first serious relationship, but not first love, was actually my fourth. I was 16 years old in the 11th grade and he was in the year above. He was my friend before he was my boyfriend. We'd hang out...
Angela Damrow22 days ago
Her Unwanted Life
Torn from her nightmares, she jolts awake as her bedroom door creaks open and hits the wall with a clamorous BANG! Johnathan stands in the hallway, a deranged grin painted on his face. He walks toward...
J Ea month ago
An Open Letter to My Rapist
Dear Anonymous, I trusted you, I opened up to you. We shared a part of our lives together. We shared such good memories and had such good times together. I would be lying if I said I ever saw a future...
Ananda Malavea month ago
You Can't Hurry Love
At the age of 18, I was a freshman at NYU in the Tisch School of performing arts. At age 18, your brain is still a baby, still growing. It is so easy to be influenced by other people. I had a goal of ...
Janet Rhodesa month ago
Are You Always Going to Pick an Abuser?
As a newly remarried woman I have definitely had this question cross my mind; just because my first marriage was abusive does that mean my second one will be too? It's a heavy question and an importan...
I'm Standing Here Naked
No, but seriously. I stood there naked. Let me explain. I have allowed the idea of love into my head three times in the life I've lived so far. Three times I got burned, but each time I learned someth...
Layla Knighta month ago
Conquering Girl-Crazy
Ladies, we’ve all been there. Everything seems fine and then he (or she or whomever), does something, says something, and suddenly we go girl-crazy. We get excited and emotional, and our thoughts are ...
Marianne McGarrya month ago
There's a Place for Your Kind of Love... Prison
Four years of age and not knowing quite what life is all about, playing with toys, and being happy as can be, so far. Well, at quite a young age, I was being looked after by one of my parents good fri...
V. Renaea month ago
Til it Happens to You
I didn't say yes. But I didn't say no.
After, we were at church. I stood while we sang. And I cried.
I wasn't crying because I was moved by the spirit.
I was crying because I was 14 and had just perfo...
Sophia Cafieroa month ago
The Aftermath of Abuse
In my last post, I shared my own experience that I’ve had with domestic violence in an abusive relationship. I knew it was an issue, but wow, I never realized how truly relevant it was until I got so ...
Jordan Dalea month ago
The Day That Changed Me Forever
Hello, my name is Jordan Dale and I am a 21 year old college senior. Life didn't used to be easy, but then one day I decided that I was going to turn my opinion about myself around and point it in the...
Mama_diaz16 Diaza month ago
Living in Fear
I was fresh out of my first year of college and I was ready to experience new things. I never had a boyfriend and that was something I wanted for a while. I think that I was desperate to have someone ...
Beautiful, but Broken
With each strike, across the face. With each vicious insult hurled her way, in a drunken rage, a small piece of her heart broke away. She was 15 years old and in love with the idea of love. He was 31 ...
Amanda Doyle2 months ago
Bruises That Never Fade
For almost every single person on the planet, abuse is a topic that begs to not be discussed. We encourage people to come forward about their abuse, to share their stories with the world, but then the...