The roots of feminism were planted millennia ago; we must understand feminism throughout history to contemplate how much farther we can go.

Rachel Lesch2 years ago
Paulita Maxwell: The Woman, the Myth, the Legend
Paulita Maxwell was born around 1864-5 in the town of Mora, New Mexico. She was the daughter of Lucien Bonaparte Maxwell, a wealthy and respected landowner. The New Mexico border with Old Mexico was t...
Sarah Johnson2 years ago
Enchantress Archetypes Past and Present
Spirituality that fell outside of organized religion was once regarded as a fringe hippie hobby, but times are changing. Metaphysical pastimes like crystals, essential oils, energy healing, and tarot ...
Rachel Lesch2 years ago
Women in the Edwardian and Interwar Era
The Edwardian era began with the death of Queen Victoria on January 21st, 1901 and the accession of her son, Edward VII in 1902. Victoria reigned for 64 years, most of the nineteenth century which was...