The roots of feminism were planted millennia ago; we must understand feminism throughout history to contemplate how much farther we can go.

Janie McKnight18 days ago
So She Did #1 Sappho of Lesbos
This is the first in a series of biographies I will be writing about women from all walks of life and time periods. I'm open to suggestions of women I should write about.
Catherine Agatia month ago
Cleopatra the Great: Why Cleopatra Was the Smartest and Most Intelligent Ruler of Egypt
Cleopatra. Name brings up many words: seductress, selfish, mistress, harlot, and many other negative words. What about smart or great ruler? Yes, she might have died without insuring her country's ind...
Jilian Woods3 months ago
Margaret Thatcher’s Girl Power: She Did It!
The role of women in history is huge. Being forced to fight for their rights, they have reached stunning success in all fields and proved that they are not the weaker sex. Committed, hard-working, goa...
Evan Emanuel3 months ago
History's Baddest Bitches
The men of history can be cutthroat, but women can be just as deadly. This is just a select few of the thousands of bad ass women in history.
Donald Jefferson3 months ago
Top Greatest Women Writers
There are plenty of great writers in the world. Hemingway, Shakespeare, and Dickens are some of the names we hear most often. However, female writers don’t always get the same attention. So, let’s tak...
Jade Pulman4 months ago
Who Was Abigail Adams?
Abigail Adams is an important feminist figure in the United States. As the wife of John Adams, Abigail used her job to push forward her own powerful Federalist and feminist views. Mrs. Adams was one o...
Amelia Roberts5 months ago
The Women's Land Army
‘We’ve come a long way; from Adam’s rib to Women’s Lib.’ This was the 'war-cry’ of women in the 1970s, and refers to the major changes that were coming about, thanks to protests around the world by th...
Reigning Women5 months ago
NASA Canceled Its All-Woman Space Walk, Because of a Wrong-Sized Spacesuit
NASA announced it's all-woman spacewalk earlier this year, marking a momentous pointing in history. It was announced on Monday, March 25th, that what was supposed to be a giant leap for womankind has ...
Abba Banks5 months ago
Abba’s Banks Favorite Heroines
Hi I am Abba Banks, Chakras Awareness Leader from NYC. I am a loving dad of a beautiful daughter, with whom I love discussing pivotal people of history. Being a conscious contributor to culture, the i...
Alexia Villanueva8 months ago
Pharaoh/Queen Hatshepsut was a female ruler around the 18th dynasty of Egypt. Her husband and half-brother King Thutmose II died unexpectedly about 1479 BC. Her stepson, Thutmose III inherited the thr...
Chase E.H.10 months ago
The Complexity of Equality and Why It Disrupted America’s Feminist Movement
After its introduction to Congress in 1923, the Equal Rights Amendment illuminated the separation between politically motivated women in America. Two sides of feminism began to emerge afterwards, “one...
Cece Koeniga year ago
Frida Kahlo
To be a hero can be interpreted many ways by different people. Frida Kahlo can be considered heroic for several reasons. Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter who was born in 1907. She inspired people of ...
Kaitlyn Smitha year ago
Anne Boleyn Is My Spirit Animal
I have always been fascinated by history and people's stories but I have a special passion for the story of Anne Boleyn. To some she was the most infamous adulterous in British history but to me she w...
The 19th Century Swedish Novel Missing from the Feminist Literary Canon
In surveys of the most important novels by 19th century women writers, the focus is usually on the works of Anglo and French authors like the Brontë sisters, Louisa May Alcott and George Sand. Yet for...
Leigh Fishera year ago
Standing Up for Your Choices
Standing up to disapproving family members to defend your relationship choices isn’t easy, but women have been standing up for what they want for hundreds of years — even in China in 170 CE. During th...
The Furies: A Modern Antagonist from the Past
Strong female characters have become a desirable aspect for writers of all styles. The direct stereotype of damsel-in-distress appeals to audiences as it shows how women are so much more than what the...
A. Lelloa year ago
The Tudor Witch
Ha! Gotcha with that "Witch" tagline didn't I? Just kidding! There is no Tudor witch (that we know of, at least.) However, the English court of Henry VIII may have felt differently in regards to Anne....
Siena Dinia year ago
Niki de Saint-Phalle
Niki de Saint-Phalle was born Catherine Marie-Agnes Fal de Saint-Phalle on October 29, 1930 in France, to a French father and an American mother. She was the second of five children in a wealthy famil...