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L. Welch5 months ago
Birth Control Options
Birth control. Rough topic in some cases but for now let's talk about each type (that I have tried): Pill, Patch, Condoms, Depo, Paragard, Nexplanon.
Cheeky Minx5 months ago
We Do Not Control PMDD
I write a lot of pieces about PMDD being a call to turn within and begin a journey of healing, the most recent one being "Periods of Misfortune." I know many of you have also come around to this way o...
Jennifer Hopper5 months ago
I will start by saying that I have PMDD and my journey since discovering this has been long and very hard. I was misdiagnosed with Bipolar disorder for many years. I have learned a lot along the way b...
Courtney Lowry5 months ago
Menstruation Isn't Taboo, Period
Shark Week. Monthly Gift. Crimson Tide. No matter what you call menstruation, it happens. Though there’s such a harsh stigma around bleeding every month that people are afraid to talk about it. Why? Media shows us that having a period has to be secretive event, and it would be a sin if everyone knew about it. From ads promoting “discreet pads” equipped with cotton wrappers to cringey scenes in movies where a father is faced with the task of buying pads for his daughter, it sparks insecurity and ...
Morgan E. Westling6 months ago
10 Tools That Help You Save Money On Women's Health
Being a woman requires a multitude of health needs that men don’t have to deal with. Health care is unfortunately very expensive, and it’s important to save money in any way we can. Out of pocket cost...
Em Ree6 months ago
My Body Won't Let Me Have Sex
○●○ "Vaginismus." Personally, I think it sounds like a magic spell from a movie when you first hear it. Yet for the most part, women going through it will tell you first-hand that vaginismus is more l...
Patty Ramsen7 months ago
How to React If Your Pharmacist Denies You Birth Control
Here we are, slowly approaching the 2020s and yet we are still dealing with this crap. When a pharmacist denies you birth control, you may think that it’s a literal joke. They can’t honestly refuse to...
Erika Potap7 months ago
Put a Sock in It
Sometimes I have to question what “put a sock in it” actually means. Look, don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the fact that "it" in this case is referring to the mouth. But it can easily be refe...
Jodie Denny7 months ago
Finding Out I Have PCOS
I have always known there was something wrong with me... I started my period at 9-years-old and would suffer through excruciating pain and extremely heaving bleeding EVERY SINGLE MONTH. My Mum thought...
Lindsay Bruce7 months ago
Endo' an Era
It wasn't supposed to be like this. Clinging to the sheets on my hospital bed to try and survive the now constant lapping of waves of pain, two thoughts permeated my mind: "I can't do this any more," ...
Xena Warrior8 months ago
Boys and Men Be Warned
Whelp... this post is NOT going to be comfortable for everyone to read. Today I'm going to be talking about contraceptives. Judge me as you wish, but for years I allowed fear to keep me from ever goin...
morgan alix8 months ago
I’m 20, and I’m Still Not Sure What Happens when I Menstruate
If you’re here, I’m assuming you’re just as confused as me, right? I’ve had a period since I was 13! I’ve always considered it an annoying roommate for a couple days out of the month. Eating all my fo...
Lexie Lloyd8 months ago
Lovely Lady Lumps
Hello my fellow females, Over the past eight months I’ve gone through some of the trials and tribulations of being a woman. I’ve been trying to process my feelings and have found that even thinking ab...
Emi S8 months ago
A Single Tip to Make Your Period a Little Bit Better
When it comes to that time of the month we are often presented with extras alongside the period itself. These can vary from headaches, mood swings, cramps, feeling bloated to my least favourite, loss ...
Crystal Sasso 9 months ago
Endometriosis: A Story About My Ectopic Pregnancy
I was about 16 years old when I first heard the word "Endometriosis". The pain I experienced on a daily basis was odd and unexplainable. This was the early 2000s and internet access wasn't something e...
Courtney Gowland9 months ago
Women's Health Is Ignored!
Women’s Health Matters! Is it me, or do you agree that it is very rare that you see newspapers or news presenters discussing women's health? Are our ‘problems’ so small that they simply don’t matter t...
Ally Silva9 months ago
A Thorn Among the Roses
I remember the first time I came to know about endometriosis. At one time, it was just a big word I could hardly pronounce. I googled "heavy painful periods." Let's admit it, we always google our symp...
Megan Finn9 months ago
Why I Got My IUD at 16
The adventure began my freshman year of high school. It was second semester, and I had been charmed by a particular boy in the grade above me. He was cute, played baseball, and captured my attention. ...