Feminism demands a future free of fat shaming, body obsession and the male gaze.

Victoria Towery20 hours ago
Fourth Trimester
First things first, there is a Fourth Trimester. Whenever I first heard this, I honestly thought I heard wrong. ‘Tri- … Three, people! Duh’ It’s a thing. Oh boy! Is it a thing. Pregnancy does not end ...
Akasha Indream2 days ago
Learning to Birth—Call for Speakers
Introducing a new online birth education platform “Learning to Birth” where expectant mums learn from experts how to give birth calmly, easily, on time, at home, or in hospital—your way and on your te...
Katheryn Compton12 days ago
Summer Ready—Or Not?
Hey everyone—it is officially summer time! If you are anything like me, you are sadly unprepared for the summer time when it comes to going to the beach or the pool. I live about three miles from the ...
Natalie C..14 days ago
The Controlling Fear
That night was the night that changed my life forever. Changed my view on men and even changed the way I walk around town. I would have never gone to that dance if I knew what was going to happen. Now...
Shebra Curtis21 days ago
I Am Not My Skin
My skin in August 2018
Ren Ren23 days ago
My Mirena Experience
My Mirena Experience
Kiara Kinga month ago
What the World Is like After You’ve Been Raped
When we are young, most people won’t see the world as it is. I can remember the world when I was young, was full of bustle and life, empty of responsibility and solely about meeting friends and having...
Mila Beaa month ago
It's​ Shark Week!!!
That time of the month is definitely the worst, especially if you had a beach day planned. Or maybe sometimes it could be a relief if you know what I mean... here are some tips and tricks for you to k...
Kiara Kinga month ago
What It's Like to Suddenly Grow Big Boobs
At a certain stage in a girl's life, she will begin to hit puberty. This age can vary, and the speed at which these changes happen can also vary. I was 15 when this process fully kicked in. I've alway...
Anna Mclaughlina month ago
Dystopian Healthcare
I entered the doctors room sheepishly. So clinical, yet dated. I’d been holding my breath a lot in the waiting area. As if that may save me from picking up any lingering bugs. I found her face and rel...
Rachel Anna month ago
Coping Mechanisms for Survivors
What specific coping mechanisms helped you the most when you were in a crisis due to sexual violence? I asked other survivors from around the world this exact question. I wanted to offer those options...
Natasha K Stonea month ago
Grinding Your Crotch on Me During Rush Hour
So after moving to London almost two years ago, I had long dreamt of 'The Commute.' The hustle and bustle of busy London life that excited the young Essex girl in me. The thing that no-one really tell...
Idalis Nievesa month ago
Starting to Understand Personal Interactions
Recently I got the opportunity to work alongside a staff writer and reporter for my college town's newspaper (who shall remain nameless). The topic I decided to help him on was about the topic of sexu...
Emily Zimmerman2 months ago
Your Body Is a Temple, Believe It
It’s not easy, being a heavier set girl. No, I am not staying I am “fat” nor “chunky.” Those are words of defeat. Those are words that manifest in your mind that cause you to believe you are less beau...
Crazy Beautiful2 months ago
The Day I Lost Respect
*Sigh* It has taken my mind and heart so long to finally come to the world and share this story. Before I start I do want to state one very important thing. I still love my stepmom, but I do not agree...
Jules Fortman2 months ago
11 Things You Didn’t Know About Women’s Hygiene
Menstrual Hygiene Day brings to light the importance of feminine hygiene, and therefore brings attention to all the women around the world who may not have access to the hygiene products they need to ...
Constanza Keiffer2 months ago
A Few Little Ideas to Make Your Period Easier
I suffer from really bad cramps when I am on my period, so I have found so many little life hacks that might help you. Always, and I mean ALWAYS carry an emergency period kit. I have had so many embar...
Aurea Gonzalez2 months ago
Petite Curve Matters Pt. 1
I've always been short and have always been picked on for my height, standing at 5'1." People have thought it was okay to pet me, call me names, but I don't think that got under my skin as much as the...