Feminism demands a future free of fat shaming, body obsession and the male gaze.

Krista Bender4 days ago
My Struggle with Loving the Woman in the Mirror
All throughout my life, I was tiny. Although a size one who ate plenty, I was not immune to the "you look sorta anorexic" jab. My once high metabolism and eight years of dance were to thank for that. ...
Rachel Ann16 days ago
One Day, One Year
Have you ever felt like the world was on top of your shoulders? You could be standing up tall, but still have difficulty breathing. No matter how many times someone told you, “it gets better” nothing ...
Idalis Nieves18 days ago
Finding Acceptance in My Own Body
Everyday I fight a battle within myself. It’s not just cheat days of burgers, chips, and something with lots of sugar. It’s in my own mind. For every time a voice in my head tells me the outfit I have...
Elizabeth Bert20 days ago
Battling with My Body
Sometimes I feel like I was born broken. That somehow all my parts didn’t come together just right. Or even worse, that I was born right but did something wrong to deserve the suffering I’ve been thro...
Kat Toole20 days ago
Life Is Better When You Love Yourself
I remember the exact moment when I had my first negative thought about myself. I was 10 years old, in ballet class, looking at myself in the mirror next to the other girls. The thought, "Why is my bel...
Morgan H23 days ago
Body Talk
I’m 5’11,” and fluctuate between 200-220 lbs in any given year. I’ve been self conscious of my body for as long as I can remember, and I have noticed recently that I have began to appreciate, embrace,...
Victoria Graciea month ago
I Was Told That I Would Not Be Taken Seriously Because of My Weight
I had always loved the art of dance. From the graceful movements, to the impossible looking jumps and turns. So much hard work, yet it all looked so easy. It was an art form that really touched me fro...
Gabi Laureano2 months ago
Making It Through
I've decided to try this in hoping it might help other women struggling with it... or even men trying to understand what their loved ones go through. It's the doubt and the fear that affect us the mos...
Miranda Martin2 months ago
The Time I Got Raped
Yes, you are reading that correctly. I was raped. There is no simpler way to put it. It’s something you can’t sugar coat, and make it seem even a little bit okay. Well technically, in better words I l...
Viola Shadowheart2 months ago
Information on PCOS
Understanding PCOS
Roisin Reilly2 months ago
New Beginnings
Most things happen for a reason, but we don't always see that when the issue negatively affects us. Sometimes it can take a long time to see this. For me, it was four months to see that such a traumat...
Amee Maree2 months ago
Fat and Ugly
I guess the first thing I’d say is that most of us are not afraid of the word fat. We are aware of the state of our bodies and I promise you are not the first to tell us about it. As a general part of...
Candy Williams2 months ago
Pink Scars
As a recent breast cancer survivor, I have had my days where I felt unsure of what my purpose in all of this would be. I couldn't believe that this illness came into my life and made me feel so insecu...
Yolanda Mqoqi2 months ago
Ok, But Women Enjoy Sex Too
Title got you, right? Caught you! Naughty little thing. Anyway, shall we begin? Are you sure you’re ready? The vagina (also known as the pussy, the coochie, the cookie, the box, usisi/the lady). This ...
Tabby Weir3 months ago
Social Media and Body Image
NOWADAYS it seems body measurements are integral to the Instagram algorithm. The amount of bikini-clad women that our thumbs grudgingly scroll past every day seems to only increase—and by the looks of...
Mary Pisasale3 months ago
Why You "Can't" Wear Horizontal Stripes
This is a common thing I hear all people of all genders, of all ages, talk about. Well, not this specifically, but talking about the dressing choices of other woman with particular body types. It is m...
Mpho Rantao3 months ago
Something's Got to Give
British freelance journalist Stephanie Yeboah recently made social media news this month when she published a story on Refinery29, titled “I Found Out The Guy I Was Dating Did It For A Dare. Here's Wh...
Nina Moné3 months ago
The Fears of an Indie Artist
Someone in the industry told me that a plus-size female singer will never make it. But I still keep pushing and putting out new music. THOUGHTS in my HEAD. If I post an indecent photo revealing my der...