“She wins who calls herself beautiful and challenges the world to change to truly see her.” - Naomi Wolf

Meikan Dahl2 years ago
Growing Up with Freckles
My story starts off when I was around 8 years old. I didn't have a single freckle and was as fresh faced as a baby. My grandmother was the only person in my family to have a large quantity of freckles...
Adriana Jurado2 years ago
When Is Makeup Sexist?
I woke up this morning feeling today would be a makeup-free day. Days like these are not unusual for me, since I usually see makeup as an unnecessary task or a painfully boring chore with mediocre res...
6 Reasons Why Cutting Off All My Hair Made Me Happier
Almost four years ago, I marched into my local hair salon armed with a sense of reckless confidence. I sat down and resolutely asked the stylist to cut off all my hair – clicking through a slideshow o...
Jasmine H2 years ago
Cookie Cutters
Since I was young, I’ve always struggled with my self image. I hid behind various aliases depending on who I was with and what group I wanted to fit in with. My choices and my actions were heavily inf...
Emily Grace Gill2 years ago
I cut my hair off in July. Gone, gone, gone; officially bald. Since then, a few things have changed. Most have stayed the same. The following are the most notable examples.
Andrew Smith2 years ago
This one is for the people who struggle with how they view themselves on the outside. I'm no Channing Tatum. In fact I have a hard time with regulating my weight, I'm starting to need glasses and you ...
Kendra Wheeler2 years ago
How Instagram Improved My Confidence
In April 2017, I finished my third year of university and returned to my hometown in search of a summer job. Not only did I find three jobs, I also found my new hobby: Instagram. Now, some might think...
Mishka Upchurch2 years ago
Feeling Unpretty
At 25-years old, I didn't think that this would be how I would live my life. A mom of 3, married, and still unhappy. How do you describe unhappiness when you have everything you had wished for, withou...
Beki Keraly2 years ago
8 Things to Consider Before Committing to a Vivid Hair Color!
This is a list of 8 things to consider before committing to a vivid hair color.
Aleksie Alvarado2 years ago
Skincare Routine
I have always been a skincare junkie, mostly because I have had terrible skin growing up. I have tried everything under the sun to get rid of my pesky acne. From over-the-counter meds, online dermatol...
New Semester, New Wardrobe!
As a new semester approaches you find yourself looking at your closet and wondering what's appropriate from your summer clothes, yet what's presentable for the classy lady you are. The first week is w...
Andie Colombel2 years ago
The Elaborate Odyssey of Black Hair
A few days ago, I recorded Chris Rock’s documentary Good Hair on BET. It was a fascinating piece that covered the science behind African-American hair care products, the cultural implications behind w...
Katrina Thornley2 years ago
Discovery Through Resting B**** Face
I have worked in customer service for the past four years, since I was nineteen. I’m now twenty-three and my everyday experiences have not changed much since my first day. I imagine they’re the same e...
Annie Walton2 years ago
Two Super Easy Catwalk-Inspired Hairstyles for Autumn
If you’re anything like me, hair is basically your Achilles' heel (apart from crippling mental illness, I mean). I consistently get to the end of doing my *flawless* makeup, look at my raggedy new bob...
Alice O'Brien2 years ago
Eyeliner Failure
I don't know how to make up. I'm not entirely sure of the reasons why; that's a lie it's because I'm lazy. Now my basic makeup skills fit perfectly with my basic bitch lifestyle, yet there are days where I'm feeling adventurous and want to see more than mascara on those eyes! And yes I've watched the tutorials, I mean I've skimmed through the tutorials, and by that I mean I've re-watched the part where they apply it about 20 times, then I have a go and fail and get upset and start binge watching...
56 Korean Beauty Products You Need to Try
Korean beauty products are taking the world by storm, and as someone who has been using them for well over half a decade, I'm not the least bit surprised. K-beauty, as it's known, is a makeup movement...
Emily McCay2 years ago
Best Rated Skin Care Products on Amazon Every Woman Needs to Try
Your skin is the largest organ you have, and if you want it to treat you well, you will need to make sure to take care of it. Not using any skin care products or not bothering with a skin care routine...
Heather Clarke2 years ago
To the Girl I Was and the Girl That Is
Dear Beautiful Girl, I want to take this moment to tell you that you are beautiful right now. Your beauty isn't something that is going to happen once you find the perfect shirt, get the best manicure...