“She wins who calls herself beautiful and challenges the world to change to truly see her.” - Naomi Wolf

Sabrina Oneale14 days ago
Loving Yourself and Ignoring the Rest
“Danggg, that woman is beautiful. Almond eyes that don’t even need eyeliner, thick thighs that save lives, a quirky laugh that only makes you laugh more, and oh, wow, don’t get me started on the booty...
Morgan H16 days ago
I don't remember when it happened, but I remember the shift in myself; everything got a little happier, a little brighter, a little better. As long as I can remember, I was self conscious of my body. ...
Kelly Hawkins19 days ago
How I Learned to Harness the Power of Intention Through Burlesque
It's been a little more than one year since I embarked on my burlesque journey. What began as a casual Wednesday night workout has blossomed into an intensive training opportunity with an expanding co...
Sara Zacchero21 days ago
How Cutting My Hair Off Set Me Free
"I'm just not attracted to girls with short hair." This is something that my (now ex) boyfriend said to me during an argument once. I'd just caught him cheating on me and that was his apparent excuse ...
Kayla Sa month ago
Black Women Aren't Allowed to Have Bad Hair Days, so I Wore a Hijab to Work
My senior year of college, I had a breathtakingly beautiful roommate from Syria. She had soft olive skin, a great physique, and outrageously long eyelashes. She also had a beautiful head of hair, but ...
Makayla Richards2 months ago
Loving Yourself Isn’t as Easy as They Say It Is
Park Nicollet released a report with some staggering statistics about body image in young women including: 53 percent of 13-year-old American girls are unhappy with their bodies. This number grows to ...
Naima Elmi3 months ago
What is beauty, what does it really mean to be beautiful? The media has been bombarding us with its own definition of what beauty is for a long time. Social media has been both an advantage and disadv...
Cheryl Lynn3 months ago
Is It My Body?
I am an introvert, keeping to myself and avoiding confrontation. Yet, no matter how hard I try to blend in with the crowd or fade into the background, others always have something to say about my appe...
Black Mulan3 months ago
The Struggle Is Real: Black Woman Edition
The year is 2018. Hip-Hop is the most listened to and the highest paid genre in music, and being Black is a trend. Who would've thought? Especially after the many years of dehumanizing and demolishing...
Remy Kelbel3 months ago
Looking at the Mirror
Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and just think that you are NEVER good enough. But some days you look in the mirror and suddenly feel empowered and confident. Has an outfit ever made you fe...
King Kingsley4 months ago
Me, My Natural Hair, and I
There’s always been a love-hate relationship between myself and my hair and it wasn’t until I was 17 that I decided to go natural. Growing up I hated getting my hair done and the entire process was so...
Diane D4 months ago
Mirror Mirror on the Wall
“Competition between women has been made part of the beauty myth so that women will be divided from one another”—Naomi Wolfe, Beauty Myth (p.14). No woman buys the most expensive pair of stilettos to ...
Maricella Flores5 months ago
Five Things Every Plus Size Girl Should Know
Highlights of Real Issues We Go Through and Why We Shouldn't Give a F*** and Just Be Plus Size Queens!
Judy Mae5 months ago
Happily Flat-Chested in This Boobs-Obsessed World
I am a downright flat-chested girl who really has zero blessing in her chest department. You know those kinds of girls who call themselves flat just because they are an A cup? Well, I can’t even remem...
Maura Dudas5 months ago
Body Positivity - The Horseshoe Phenomena
So I haven't written anything in awhile even though there's at least four topics waiting to be explored and one is more controversial than the other. However, since this is something other than animal...
Kyrsta Morehouse5 months ago
Show Me How You Burlesque
When the movie Burlesque came out with Cher and Christina Aguilera, I couldn't stop watching. I was transfixed by the music, the flawless makeup, and the glittering costumes. However, I was raised in ...
Lesley Neomi6 months ago
The word "beautiful" is such an amazing adjective, but it's more than a word. It describes many feelings and actions, but it all starts within yourself. When someone calls you beautiful, do you feel t...
Anna Rose6 months ago
Beauty Is in the Definition
Beauty by definition: a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight People always say that true beauty is what's on the inside. But...