Feminist activists are not deterred by the daunting statistics so much as they're fueled by them.

Morgan E. Westling3 months ago
10 Companies That Donate to RAINN
RAINN stands for the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. RAINN is a national nonprofit organization, which fights against sexual violence and the national sexual assault problem that is growing ...
I refuse to be another girl crushed by silence.
Sierra Juliette3 months ago
A Letter to a Different Me
I see you. You beautiful, broken girl. I see you walk up the stairs, every step a little bit further away from the monster sitting in the living room. He has the TV up, laughing too loud at a show. Th...
Serena Baaklini3 months ago
What Should We Do to Fight Sexual Violence?
Here are ways YOU can take part in to prevent sexual assault in both men and women.
Rob T3 months ago
Congress Still Cannot Pass a Bill to Curb Sexual Harassment on Capitol Hill
As we reach the end of 2018, everyone should be familiar with the #metoo movement. Although many believe that the movement is based in showbusiness against people like Harvey Weinstein, it has also de...
Bethany Ashlyn3 months ago
What People Don't Realize About Sexual Assault
This is a topic that I've been hesitant to write about for a while. Every time I think of writing this I always talk myself out of it. I'll tell myself that it isn't important or that people already k...
Sarah Jane3 months ago
Why the Victims Don't Speak Out
There has been a lot of publicity about historical cases of abuse in the news over recent years and this movement is gathering momentum. That is great to see. Those who commit acts of abuse should abs...
Madison Tonini3 months ago
The Boy with the Emerald Eyes
I caught his eyes looking at me across the dark room, filled with bodies and moving simultaneously to the sound of the music that was humming in my ears. Even from where I stood, his emerald eyes were...
Alyssa 寇莎莎3 months ago
I Asked for a Dance
October 2017 I was dancing with a Chinese man. Skinny, attractive, didn’t speak any English but when I offered my hand, he took it and we danced. I didn’t know his name, and I’ll probably never see hi...
Shelby Taylor3 months ago
I STILL Believe Christine Ford
I'm going to keep talking about this since apparently a whole lot of people still don't want to understand, and let me just say that as much as I hate bringing these memories to light, and as much as ...
Arranged Marriages
Imagine if you were forced to marry an unknown man or woman just because it's part of your culture, or simply just to follow your parents' wishes. Would you go along with it because it's part of your ...
Shelby Taylor4 months ago
Rape Culture Has Convinced Me to Find a New Job
In a world where 1/3 of women are sexually assaulted in their lifetimes, being a rideshare driver has always had its risks. I mean, after all, you are letting total strangers into your car late at nig...
Cat Walsman4 months ago
Changing Your Mind During Sex Does NOT Mean You Were Raped
"I bet you'd be just like ecstasy," he breathed in between kisses. It was a pick up line I hadn't heard before, and honestly? Between that and his body I was feeling reckless and dizzy. I had been tal...
Martina Samantha4 months ago
Black Sheep, Blue Face
Black and blue. These two are a concoction that usually collide when injury happens and pain follows. These colors usually show themselves as stripes from strikes or strifes from life. An eye can turn...
Samantha Wood4 months ago
My First
I don’t have a romantic story about the first time I had sex. I have a story that will make you cry and rethink everything I’ve ever done that earned your disapproval. I have a story that has the pote...
Tshepiso Kganye5 months ago
Home: South Africa
Did you know that South Africa is currently going through a war and the only people dying are women. The killers, they are our men. So when asked who I am? I say: “One of the lucky ones.” When asked w...
Morgan Sanfoka 5 months ago
Truth from the Mouth of Survivors
We all have the power to be messengers, holding power in our throats or with our fingers that type away taking so much time to say our truth. The benefits of a platform is that someone is always watch...
Sasha Konikovo5 months ago
10 Companies That Donate to Planned Parenthood
Ladies and gents, women's right are under attack. People are scared, and nowhere is this clearer than when you take a look at the way that officials are trying to reduce the funding that Planned Paren...