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Studies That Show Women Make Awesome Bosses

There's been a long debate between male and female bosses in the workplace and which one employees prefer. However, research shows that women make awesome bosses and here's why.

There has been a long debate over whether women can successfully lead in the workplace. We all know that the business world has historically been male dominated for quite some time; however, the female boss is a growing concept, and female managers are becoming more widely accepted. In fact, many seem to prefer female managers to their male counterparts. There are many qualities that factor in to the makings of a good boss, and there are many reasons which suggest that women are better in leadership roles. Here’s the research which suggests that women make awesome bosses in the workplace.

They set better expectations.

Women make awesome bosses because they set better expectations for their employees. When it comes to being a good boss, it’s important to be clear about what you expect in the workplace. Research has shown that employees prefer to work for a female boss over a male boss because studies suggest that women are more clear about telling their workers what they want. They communicate what they expect their employees to do each day and how they want them to perform. This makes each employee feel more comfortable, because nothing is ambiguous. Everyone knows their responsibilities and tasks.

Women leaders build better relationships.

Another thing that makes women awesome bosses is their ability to build relationships with their employees in the workplace. Most female managers are not passive aggressive, and will have a mutual respect and trustworthy connection with each person working under them. This comes from women’s maternal need to connect with others and their experience within a male dominated society. Women know what it’s like to have worked for a man, and they want everyone to feel comfortable working under a woman.

They encourage a positive environment.

Women make awesome bosses because they are great at encouraging a positive workplace environment. For both their female and male colleagues, women have a great way of being supportive to others. Again, maybe this is their natural, maternal instinct that gives them an easy ability to connect with others, but culture is extremely important to providing a positive workplace, and women know how to get things done while remaining positive and upbeat. Of course, not all women are this way, but research shows that many female bosses have this attitude, and can increase productivity in a number of ways because of it.

They provide development opportunities.

Research suggests that women in leadership roles provide more development opportunities to their employees than their male counterparts. Employees feel more valued and are more willing to stay at their current companies when there are opportunities for growth. When female bosses and female managers let their employees know early on that they are working hard and that this hard work will lead to promotions and raises, among other things, this will incentivize them to stay.

Women leaders motivate employees to perform better.

Women make awesome bosses because they are great at motivating their employees to perform better in the workplace, whether this be through good culture, good attitude, or better work ethic overall. Surveys show that many employees preferred to work under female managers because they came to work feeling more energized under female supervision. Whatever the reason is, we are glad to see more female empowerment and less male dominated offices throughout the country. There needs to be more balance in the corporate world!

They make decisions that benefit everyone.

One of the main reasons women make awesome bosses is because they tend to be more fair. This is probably because women have been on the unforgiving side of oppression in the workplace before. Women have long been underpaid, undervalued, and unseen in the corporate world; so when a woman finally makes it to the top of her company, she is more forgiving. She understands how important it is to be fair to others and to make decisions that benefit the whole. That’s why female bosses are great!

Women are more innovative leaders.

Women are a new addition to leadership roles in corporate office, and this makes them more innovative leaders. Research suggests that women in top company positions come in with new ideas, ready to make changes that will greatly change the workplace in a positive way. They aren’t afraid to stir things up if it means long term positive improvement—even if growing pains will need to be worked through in the meantime.

They are more rational, empathetic, and fair.

Going along with the earlier point of women making decisions that benefit everyone, women make awesome bosses because they are generally more rational, empathetic, and fair than men. It is in their nature, as humans, to be this way, and this translates to their leadership roles in the workplace. While people in managerial roles need to take a stance and be harsh in some circumstances, it’s very important that our bosses be understanding. As employees, we want to feel that we can relate to our leaders and feel that they truly care for us.

They support their employees.

Women make awesome bosses because they support their employees in and out of the workplace. As you can see, the recurring theme behind the reasons women are successful leaders involve their character traits and how they can make their employees personally feel better each day as they work towards the company's goals. It’s extremely important for every employee to feel positive, valuable, motivated, and supported by one another and by their bosses at work. While male bosses can be successful at doing this just as much as women, and each individual boss will manage their company differently, studies show that women bosses make excellent leaders.

Women leaders care about women’s issues.

Overall, women will care about other women in the workplace. They will be sensitive to other women when in need of maternity leave and they will make sure no one is sexually harassed. Issues that women normally face in the workplace will be put to the forefront, and no woman will have to worry about such things as being hit on by their boss. Hopefully, if a woman is in charge in your office, the fight for equal pay will be a thing of the past, too. This is one of the main reasons why women make awesome bosses. Equality for all.

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Studies That Show Women Make Awesome Bosses
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