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Something for the Pro-Lifers to Think About

No Yelling, Please

Abortion has been gracing the headlines and news outlets a lot lately. Not for its decline or anything along those lines, but for people marching in the streets. Many on the hating-it side are yelling at women that they are murderers. Then there are certain bills that are up for rejection or approval that could yet again hurt women.

It's strange that some who believe abortion gives women a chance to “freely murder” are not also strongly advocating for enforcing better laws to better protect living children. If abortion appalls an individual more than a child being brutally shot or sold into sex trafficking, I'd say they are merely pro-birth, not pro-life.

People have different belief systems and it is wrong for anyone to force a belief onto another in a cruel fashion. My attempt is to convey my opinion without that force and without any cruel fashion. I am trying and hoping to spread a productive and respectful conversation. 

For some, the belief that abortion is wrong can be traced back to their religious beliefs. There is nothing wrong with that but the separation of church and state is something that needs to be strongly upheld in this country. John Adams said, "The government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion." I believe this goes for ALL religions. Our founding fathers wanted a country where we are free from religious oppression. I believe it should be seen as disrespectful and shameful to use your religion to guilt people.

It is important to keep abortion legal unless you wish for us to return to the days of back-alley abortions or the infamous coat hanger abortions. Dare I say, it could be a step to The Handmaid's Tale becoming our actual reality in the future.

Those who call themselves pro-lifers probably should also advocate for the child’s life after birth, if they don't already. There should also be care for the woman’s life that these people do not know personally. It can be seen as hypocritical to show nothing but hatred toward a woman who got an abortion or is considering one. She is still a human. As a society, we should try understand that woman’s situation instead of labeling her and making uninformed judgments of her. 

If you are truly pro-life, shouldn't you also show a desire to improve the life of the child after birth like I said, if you don't already? Some examples to help children are: better health care, a better education system, a better adoption system, a better foster care system, and better sex education. Another is children not being separated from their parents and put in cages. If you are someone who has only shown interest in ending abortion but not a desire to improve a living child's life, these examples are something I believe you could think on. 

If the minute a child is born, the life of that child is no longer cared about by the so-called pro-lifer, maybe they should change their label to a pro-birther. Do some research on in-state adoption and our broken foster care system if you haven't already. There are some women that believe they are sparing the fetus from a horrible life. Maybe a way to help the decline of abortion is to advocate harder to improve the foster care system and make in-state adoption easier. These are two of the places children go after they are born and the mother chooses not to keep them.

As a society, we truly should have no say over when and how someone gives birth. If abortion was to become illegal, we could see death by abortion and suicide in women rise, especially if it became illegal with no help for those that become pregnant due to incest, rape, or their lives being in danger. 

Abortions are on the decline as of the CDC's report of 2015 released last year. Yet there are multiple statements being said that abortions in America are in the extreme high millions. People need to stop making up facts to fit their agenda. It is extremely harmful. People need to fact check before they post.

The purpose of this article was to inform the reader and hopefully get them to think, to stop screaming their beliefs at people and maybe find better ways to further the decline of abortion and improve children's lives without taking away the access to safe abortion. We need to stop, on both sides, screaming at one another and being cruel. Just going and making abortion illegal could lead to horrible events. And it is backtracking in the fight women have been fighting for years: that their body is THEIR own. 

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Something for the Pro-Lifers to Think About
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