Candy Williams
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Pink Scars

Empowering and Uplifting Women Who Suffer from Chronic Illness

As a recent breast cancer survivor, I have had my days where I felt unsure of what my purpose in all of this would be. I couldn't believe that this illness came into my life and made me feel so insecure—sometimes feeling helpless and hopeless due to the possible outcome. But, I had to remind myself that I'm not alone and that there are millions of women who are in my same shoes that are also trying to cope as well.

Well, if you're reading this and you have had your shares of pain and scars due to an illness, first let me start out by giving you a great big hug! Omg, I know you have been through hell and back and it's okay! So have I. I have had three chemo drugs for four months straight, surgery, 35 rounds of radiation and currently I take hormone therapy once a month. Talk about stressful!

See even though I go through these things, I never get a chance to really express how I feel about my new life, and new experiences. Some friends and family members can't handle the pain of seeing someone they love suffer from treatment and side effects of the disease. So, this is why I'm here! Because you might feel the same way. So many people tell me to stay positive and speak well over my life, but what they fail to realize is that life is not always happy and cheerful. There are some days when you feel a mess and all of your good vibes and well wishes go out the window. I want you to know I understand both sides of the fence. And no this doesn't make you crazy or something, it's just life! You are perfectly okay not to be okay. It's okay to cry, it's okay to have a bad day because you're going to get through it.

You are going to make it! You know why? Because I'm going to tell you how awesome and great you are! I know you don't feel good, I know you feel depressed, I know you feel like giving up, I know at times you hate yourself. But let those thoughts pass!! I see the best in you even in the hardest of times. You are more than your scars! You are more than pain! You are a great woman who deserves to be celebrated. You're a fighter, your a warrior and nothing can stop you, nothing can break you! 

I tell this to myself every day because as a wife and a mother of two, life can get really crazy very fast! There are so many things I have to do and having breast cancer has been added to the list. It poses as a huge inconvenience! But even though I feel this at times, I know my purpose in helping other women is huge! I want you to know I feel the same insecurities, the same feelings of loss and confusion as you, but that doesn't mean we have to quit and strive for the life that we deserve! 

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Pink Scars
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