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Ok, But Women Enjoy Sex Too

A vagina is not only for childbirth.

Title got you, right? Caught you! Naughty little thing.

Anyway, shall we begin? Are you sure you’re ready?

The vagina (also known as the pussy, the coochie, the cookie, the box, usisi/the lady). This is the female reproductive organ. It’s not the most attractive thing, but most people have come into the world via the vagina. It stretches to first accommodate a penis, then later stretches to deliver a whole human being into the world. Powerful, right? Perhaps the most underrated ability of a vagina is PLEASURE!

Today I’m advocating women who actually enjoy sex, but are seen as loose or “hoes” by society. Being dubbed unsavory names because a woman dares to enjoy sex should be introduced as a new level of stupidity. Keep away from such people.

It’s exhausting having to live in a world where females who actually enjoy sex are frowned upon and judged. Why does the vagina feel pleasurable sensations during sex if we’re not supposed to get joy from that? Are we now supposed to act mad and basically blank during sex? Is it all about the man? Is a woman just a receptacle to accommodate a man’s joy during a sexual “experience?” I don’t understand.

I really think men feel threatened by women who own their sexuality. If sex was a solo mission, then you wouldn’t need women at all. But it isn’t. A man needs a woman just like a woman would need a man. Unless you’re a “handy man.”😏

I have a very strong theory about men especially, who make it their life’s mission to ridicule women who enjoy sex. I believe these men are the kind of people who don’t care about the female’s pleasure during sex. They’ve never experienced or seen a woman’s orgasm. They don’t care about a woman’s orgasm. If they’re done, then the sex was good—regardless of how the female feels—misogynist type of behaviours. Absolutely no regard for the woman’s feelings, they’re the “fonyi-fonyi” types. The two-minute noodles, the “Did you cum?” types when you weren’t even close.

Now ask yourself, as a female, do you think you should be shy about how you feel about sex? Society acts as though a woman enjoying sex is at the top level on the hierarchy of “hoeish” behaviour. Do you ever think about how each and every person has THEIR OWN sexual organ? One penis to each man. One vagina to each woman. A man enjoying sex is “okay,” because “that’s what men do." Yet a woman, OH NO!! 🙆🏾‍♀️ The world is surely ending! A woman enjoying sex is low class behaviour. Nope! She’s a hoe. She’s loose! Yet you forget one thing, ITS HER VAGINA!!! Not yours!

I hope all this has made you change your stance about women enjoying and savouring a NATURAL feeling. There is absolutely nothing wrong about women enjoying sex. If you know anyone who still feels the need to judge and look down upon females who enjoy sex, please stay away from them because stupidity at that level is contagious. 

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Ok, But Women Enjoy Sex Too
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