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My Victim Statement for the Trial

My Words for the Judge to Read Before Sentencing

Victim Impact Statement

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I, K Mack, write this impact statement in relation to the charges against Robert Bonnet.

I cannot begin to put into words strong enough to emphasise the forceful emotions I have inside of me. I met that man when I was a young, naïve, and impressionable child and he took, what I thought was love at the time, and used to his advantage to create an extremely scared and obedient slave. That young girl gave him everything she had. Her heart, her life, her soul, and he crushed it with his extreme violence, hate, spite, and he relished every moment of it. He stole my empathy, he stole my vibrant soul and the one thing that I can never get back, and he stole 13 years of my life.

Unlike the rest of the world where people discover themselves in their 20s, I was his unquestionable puppet that would do as they were told out of pure fear.

I am not that young, stupid girl anymore. I have grieved for her. I am now a very strong-minded, independent woman, and I will never allow anyone to do the unspeakable things to me that man did to me. Since June 12, 2013 I have discovered life. I have discovered freedom. All the things that people take for granted, I gain such joy from. Choosing what to wear with no repercussions. Talking to people with no fear of what will happen when I get home. Spending time with my family, friends, or even just walking through a park without a phone call demanding to know where I am, what time I would be home and then be threatened when I do come home, I will be "stabbed", "fucked up", or even "killed."

I have discovered my own mind. I have discovered the things that I enjoy to do and not what I have been told to do, say or think. I have discovered my empathy and I have pure understanding for anyone as I have lived with pure evil for 13 years, and I surround myself now with good people and I know not one of those people come close to that man.

Not only do I, and did for many years, live in fear of him but he also brought fear to my family. He used my love for them as a weapon and threatened to do unspeakable things to my mother, my father, and my younger brother.

I have seen that man get away with such treacherous things over the years. Not only things that he has done to me but also things that he has done to my loved ones, complete strangers, and to his own flesh and blood. Some people in this world do not deserve forgiveness, but they do deserve to be forgotten about so I implore you with every bone in my body, with every breath that I take, and with every fibre of my being, please, please, please do not take away all the joys in my life by being lenient with that monster. He has no soul, he has no empathy, and I know for a fact within my fearful heart that he will seek revenge on me and my loved ones.

I have seen him give such an extravagant performance of a troubled, depressed and suicidal human being that has even had me believing him and be reduced to tears of pity for him. He is not depressed and he is not a human being. He is a troubled, psychotic, and he is only suicidal because he has been caught. He is an unforgivable monster.

I will never receive the justice that I procure as the hands of time can never be turned back. All I ask for is that you give me and my family the time to heal in peace and safety for a lifetime worth of pain, misery and heartbreak.

I spent 13 years of my life with him, and apart from going to work and having limited time with my family that only happened due to him allowing me to have that limited time, I spent every waking moment with him. 13 years is a long time and as I know him too well. I live in fear of what he will do to me and my family if he does not get the sentence he deserves, he will come out to nothing and no one apart from his anger and revenge.


I wrote those heart felt words nearly four years ago. He received 15 and a half years for his crimes. Twelve and a half were for the crimes he committed against me. I have come so far to gain my freedom. Not just my physical freedom as I got that back once he was arrested but most importantly my mental, emotional and spiritual freedom. These are the hardest to achieve but now that I have that in my grasp, I will never, ever let it go for anyone ever again. 

Names have been changed.

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