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Man Is Not Man Without Woman

A Necessary Principle for All Men to Learn

Holding the header for this semi-rant—that I believe is extremely necessary—is the late Chantal Akerman. She was one of the most audacious, talented, unwavering filmmakers in her time and stands as one of the key figures of the dawn of the feminist film movement. As a film studies major and a lover of her creations, I think she's a perfect embodiment of feminine power.

Now to begin my rant.

I am deeply sorry for all the women in this country who have to endure the abhorrent behaviour that so many of these sorry excuses for men nowadays exhibit. The recent news coverage of the Kavanaugh bullshit has really been the tipping point for me here to finally write something about this. The fact that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was and is continuing to be mocked and outed by all these fat rich old white men is horrific. My heart breaks for her and her family, but she is a living, breathing example that women are the strongest beings on this planet. 

As for me: I am a white American male. I can confidently say that ever since 2016 with this dramatic switch in political climate and deplorable state that the United States is currently in, I have become grossly ashamed to be white, to be a male, and most of all, to be an American. Many might say that's dramatic, but it's due to the example that the pigs who belong to 3/3 of those categories are setting. There's nothing I can do to change my own reality but keep these horribly tragic stories that these women have experienced in my heart and endeavour day by day to be the exact opposite of those who belong in these categories and have engaged in this inhuman bullshit. I'm not saying all men are horrible. That all whites are horrible. Nor Americans. BUT QUITE A FEW ARE.

I should rephrase myself a bit. I won't have to endeavour to be the exact opposite of these men because I was fucking raised correctly. By an incredible, lovely, resilient woman. A self employed hairdresser managing a two-house property without a single ounce of help after my dad left fifteen years ago and I don’t know how she did it—probably just the magic of a naturally strong woman—but we never once had to struggle. I’m thankful I was raised by her and raised by a female influence because I learned how to act. I learned how to treat the women in my life properly, I learned to love and respect all, no matter one’s identification or skin colour, and most importantly, I learned firsthand that women are innately stronger than men. She taught my brother and I to always embrace our creativity—and still to this day, she champions even our worst ideas (offering her own input to spice them up, which weirdly works every time)—and without her, I absolutely would not be the man I am today. One of strangest compliments I’ve received in my life (because of how it stuck with me) was that somewhere deep inside there’s a woman in me—and I can’t remember who said it, but whoever it was, here’s who you have to attribute that to. Love you to death, ma, and thank you for all that you do.

If you're a male, regardless of your skin colour, but especially if you're white, regardless of whether or not you engage in any behaviour that your subconscious tells you is absolutely NOT OK—here's a lesson: think of what your mother would think of you. And act accordingly.

"Man is not man without woman." 

It should be a universal truth that every male on this planet recognizes at every second of the day. Love your mothers, your sisters, your aunts, your grandmas, your coworkers, all the highly educated women who provide you education, all the nurses and female doctors out there who are tasked with dealing with your health issues. The amazing women in politics and the incredibly strong trans women who are owning their identity and teaching us what it actually means to be our true self. Understand that women are innately stronger than men. No one man on this earth is entitled to any woman. No one man on this earth has ownership over any woman. No one man on this earth has the authority nor the right to abuse or take advantage of any woman in varying degrees. And no one man ever has the right to put the blame on the victim, nor provide support for his fellow man if his fellow man has been validly accused of any of the things I’ve mentioned. This world is nothing without women. In addition to my mother whom I've already mentioned, I want to thank all the wonderful ones in my life who have shaped me to be who I am today. You are all fucking beautiful, amazing, unrelenting warriors, and I am forever in your debt.

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Man Is Not Man Without Woman
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