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Making It a Better Flow

Period Tips

Hello, my Sunshines! Today we are going to be talking about periods, but more importantly, some little tips and tricks to make this week of hell, not so bad. So, I have six tips for you that I have found help me personally, obviously, I am no professional but I thought I would share what helps me so maybe it can help you.

Comfy Clothes

You want to wear comfy clothes because well, duh, they are comfy. Tight jeans are not going to feel all that great when you are cramping so I find it’s easier to settle my cramps when I am in yoga pants, leggings, jogging pants, pyjama pants, pyjama shorts, or gym shorts. I find loose tops and tank tops to also be comfy around this time because they give more room to move around in and still look okay with my bloating.

Water Over Coffee

Did you know caffeine can make your cramping worse? When I found this out I was shocked but I have to say it is true. I am a huge fan of Ice caps from Timmies (if you are Canadian you know what I am talking about), but anytime I drink one on my period, I get wicked cramps, whereas when I stick to things like water and raspberry leaf tea I don’t really cramp at all.

Smoke some weed.

Obviously, this one won’t be for everyone but for those who already smoke cannabis or are willing to try it, this one is for you. The cannabinoids in the plant act like a natural pain reliever, making your cramping fade away. It can also help you sleep better during this time of the month which is very helpful if you are a restless sleeper like me. If you are curious but don’t want to get high, you can always look into CBD oils and CBD strains. CBD won’t get you high but it will still help with everything above.

Have variety.

Don’t just go to Wal-Mart to buy one pack of pads or tampons. You need variety. What I find works best for me is buying one box of super tampons, one box of regular tampons, one bag of thin pads, and one bag of thick nighttime pads. This way during the first few days when my flow is heavier I can use the super tampons, and the thick nighttime pads at night; then when it gets lighter I use just the regular tampons during the day and the thin pads at night. I find this helps me stay comfortable all throughout my period so I am not worried about leaking through during the heavy days and feeling bulky on my lighter days. Obviously, every woman’s cycle is different so definitely think of how your cycle goes and customize it to what would work best for you.

Healthy Foods

Eating clean is important no matter what time of the month it is, but during your time of the month, you need to eat healthier. If you are like me you probably crave a lot of junk food on your period but try to refrain from actually eating it. Sticking to fruit, yogurt, granola, veggies, and protein is a much better bet to keep you from feeling even more tired, sluggish and bloated. I find I am most insecure about myself during this time because I feel so bloated, emotional, and tired, so trying to do small things like eating healthy and showering helps me make it through the week a lot better than if I just slept with no showers and ate junk food.

I hope you enjoyed your read and please be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter @escape2thewilds! Also please check out my other blog posts on my page! I wish you all a good day! 

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Making It a Better Flow
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