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Looking at the Mirror

Insecurities and How We See Ourselves

By Remy Kelbel

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and just think that you are NEVER good enough. But some days you look in the mirror and suddenly feel empowered and confident. Has an outfit ever made you feel this way, empowered and confident? Some might think I’m just a girl who loves to shop, typical. That’s usually followed by the eye roll. I get it, you think writing about clothes and beauty is stupid. But, did you ever think how an outfit could make you feel? I bet you didn’t. I know deep down you’re insecure too. You look at yourself in the mirror and count your flaws. You are not the skinniest girl like the ones you see on your Instagram. You are either too short or too tall. The voice whispers in your head you are nothing. You hear that voice all the time. You are not the strongest girl. Your arms remind you of spaghetti. You are not the girl every guy looks at. You sigh as you look through YouTube, all the girls seem perfectly happy in their own skin. So why are you not happy in yours? Your self esteem is not high, you are constantly begging for a compliment inside your head. You look at yourself and you see worthless, pathetic, not beautiful. Flaws make up your entire existence, You tell yourself you will never be “perfect” like the other girls.

You might hear this voice in your head a lot. I want you to know that the voice you hear is worthless, pathetic, ugly. But how do I get you to believe that? As many times you hear it’s what’s on the inside that counts, you will never believe it. I believe it because I believe all those insecurities do not determine who you are or your self worth. You’ll read this and believe that you are beautiful for a split second but than that feeling goes away. I get it, we all have self doubts. “Am I good enough?” The question replays in your mind over and over.

“How can I ever be completely confident?” That question raises eyebrows for a lot of woman. Mostly due to the fact that no matter how beautiful you are, you somehow believe “you will NEVER be good enough.” I capitalized those letters because I feel like never sums up a good majority of a young girls life. No matter how many people tell her she’s beautiful. She will believe that one person that told her she is not.Young girls want to feel confident too right?

Some may not understand the importance of clothes, for some it’s just what you put on your body. That is when my eye roll comes in. Yeah I am a girl that loves to shop and loves clothes not just because their pretty but because they help tremendously on my confidence level. What about that outfit that makes you feel like a bada$$, you know the one. The outfits that make you feel insanely confident.

But once the clothes are gone you look back at the mirror the words seem to be plastered all over your reflection. “Too fat,” “ugly,” and “not worthy.” All these words are not true but I can tell you that forever. What matters is if you believe those words, if you change those words “I am always worthy.” What we need is the confidence the clothes gave us but without them on. That person staring in the mirror back at you is not beautiful because of her clothes, but because of who she is.

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Remy Kelbel
Remy Kelbel

I’m a young woman that is obsessed with fashion and has a love for writing. I’m also an advocate for body confidence and not giving a $hit what anyone else thinks because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. 💕 

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Looking at the Mirror
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