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It's a Monthly Thing... Sorry, Not Sorry!

Girls! Girls! Girls! This will help you to change the way that you view the dreaded P!


It's a natural monthly occurring phenomenon that happens to most women, if not all women, at some point in their lives. It's the thing that we hate the most because of the riving agony, the cramps, the food cravings, the huge spots that decide to stick out like a sore thumb and the unpleasantness that goes on down stairs that no one wishes to discuss. Thus, this usually lands us in bed with a hot water bottle for a minimum of three days. 

People think it's disgusting and gross, and that us ladies shouldn't discuss it publicly because it's TMI... well I'm sorry, but at this moment in time I'm feeling like I should push people even more to talk about it just so that it becomes a normal state of society to discuss such matters. Why shouldn't we discuss such a natural monthly matter, because in reality it's a huge topic that most women leave unsaid. So here's the thing that helped me to break the ice.

So when I discovered this neat little parcel I was thrilled, it gave me a talking point about the dreaded P, because instead of discussing the bad things about it in all of its gross context, I was discussing the good products that I had received that helped me out during that time when I felt like someone was running a red hot poker through my stomach. I will discuss some common questions below, for those of you that may wish to know more. 

I would urge all of the ladies reading this to try this box, even if only at the discounted price. It really is a monthly life saver for me and I would not wish for anything better to come through my door at that time of the month.

What is in the pink parcel?

Tones and tones of sanitary towels, I was able to choose my brand and even got to choose whether I wanted tampons or a mixture of both. Plus I got Night and Day ones, plus some liners. And for those ladies that prefer a cup, pink parcel are also looking into this and seeing how they can make this possible in the future.

A lip tint and blusher all in one (full size), spot cream to help those angry buggers on my chin, a face mask, some amazing sweets and a full sized perfume. Each of these products were branded from different companies and can be brought separately for over £50+.

How much was pink parcel?

So I had a code (PPSUMMER) which should still be working until autumn 2018, this brought the box down to £5 however it would usually only be £12.99 with P&P so really this is still a massive bargain even if it's only for the beauty products.

What to do with left over or unused or unliked products?

Here's one if my favorite parts about pink parcel which makes me feel like I am somehow contributing to the world from my own home. Within your box you receive an envelope to send back any unwanted sanitary towels or tampons, these then get sent to countries that may not be advanced or that may not having the funding of viability to afford such products. To me this is amazing considering that such a little act of kindness can go a long way to helping at least one girl with sanitary items.

Period Subscription Boxes & Monthly Beauty Box - Pink Parcel
Luxury period subscription boxes for women. Receive monthly necessities plus special treats, including beauty products & sweet treats. Join us today
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It's a Monthly Thing... Sorry, Not Sorry!
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