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'Insatiable' - A Fat Girl’s Opinion of the Film and the Social Media Comments

Everybody, no matter their weight and size, is beautiful - never forget that.

There has been a lot of talk about the movie Insatiable which is going to be streamed on Netflix on August 10, 2018. Insatiable is about a heavyset girl that is being bullied harshly by her classmates. She is bullied to the point she takes the time over the summer to lose the weight. She also wants to take the advantage to get revenge against her former bullies. Some of the biggest responses of the movie on social media are that the movie is using a skinny actress to play a heavyset girl using a fat suit.

I am a heavyset girl that has been bullied because of my weight. I have repressed feelings of getting back at those that think it’s okay to bully me. I don’t care about what they say—this is my body and it’s beautiful regardless of what others say. But for those complaining about Insatiable and the use of Debby Ryan in a fat suit. These people have to think and understand that this movie is meant to be a comedy.

It is also trying to show issues of how anyone that is overweight or big boned feel about being called fat, ugly, and disgusting and many more insults. These things are hurtful and a lot of people feel the need for revenge they may not go as far as using violence as their revenge. But they want to take revenge because the extent of the bullying is too much. This show is just giving an example of how bad it is when someone's fat-shamed by others and how in high school it is more intense for them. So this show really is giving a good idea of how people feel and how they should stand up for themselves even in the smallest way possible or the biggest way possible without resorting to violence.

One of the other issues that are being stated about Insatiable is the fact that they chose Debby Ryan to play the role. Not because of her actions, because she is skinny in real life and has to wear a fat suit to play the role. Imagine asking a girl that is a heavyset actor to play this role instead. Yes, it would satisfy viewers but think of the actress. The process of losing weight takes time.

You can change your diet, you can go to the gym every day, and you can do the best workouts to lose the weight. Guess what—it takes time. You cannot lose weight in a day. If you did, it won’t physically show just yet. So asking an overweight actress that weighs, for example 320 pounds, to take this role, without the determination and the passion, a person can attempt to lose all that weight and end up being 110 pounds in the end. To lose that weight so fast is extremely hard especially when that actor could be doing a movie and going to school or taking care of their family. It’s a lot of work to be considered and not many people consider that.

Losing weight is a passion and if you’re unhappy when attempting to lose the weight, physically you will look skinny, but mentally you will feel exhausted and scared and you will still believe that you’re still fat. I understand that these social media posts are opinions, but those opinions are written by people that are not thinking of how it is as a bigger person. Asking someone to take a role and lose weight in a short amount of time is awful. I feel that Debby Ryan in a fat suit was a good choice.

This movie is staged as a comedy—that was the point of Netflix choosing Debby. The film is raising issues about bullying and explaining how that person feels when they are being bullied about their weight. Everyone has their own opinions, but in the end, even those that are saying the movie should be canceled. They are going to watch it and they may end up liking it. The movie's purpose isn’t meant to be cruel to those that are fat.

It is meant to raise awareness and show that it’s okay to stand up, but using violence for revenge isn’t good. Next time you want to have an opinion about a movie like this and say that a skinny person in a fat suit is disgusting. Imagine how a fat person would feel if they are being asked to lose weight for a film in a restricted amount of time. But that person could also have to go to school, and take care of their family and work on a movie set. It’s a lot to take on and expecting a high schooler to do that is even harder.

A person that wants to lose weight is doing it for themselves. Not for others and not for a movie. They have to have the determination to lose the weight and they have to want it. This is all my opinion but it should be considered. I am overweight and I will watch this movie. It's just a movie and nothing else. 

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Janellie Patellie
Janellie Patellie

Hello World! I am Janellie Patellie! I'm a current full-time college student in LV. I'm a Psychology Major! I enjoy writing many topics like Harry Potter, Twilight, Bullying, Food, Travel, and Life! Hope you enjoy!

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'Insatiable' - A Fat Girl’s Opinion of the Film and the Social Media Comments
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