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If I Had a Little Girl the First Words I Would Teach Her Would Be [email protected]#k Off

Dame Helen Mirren

Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

Dame Helen Mirren she always gets it right with her words of wisdom to women. Her years of experience working, until recent years, in an extremely male dominant industry, gives her words power, knowledge and depth.

A few years ago Dame Helen said if she had had a daughter the first words she would of taught her would of been ‘[email protected]#k off’. A strong statement, but one worth remembering and freshly highlighting, as I am sure most women would agree and see the power behind it.

As a child we are brought up to have good manners, say please, say thank you. But do you remember being taught how to stand your ground in a sexist situation? Or what you should do if a male boss puts down your opinions? Of course not! Us women were brought up and taught to be polite, which is a great quality to have, but it is equally as great to have the courage to speak your voice in every situation too.

Words Of Wisdom

Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

Women must always have the confidence to stand their ground. I think we often fear offending people, or hurting people's feelings. Or even worse a feeling of, "if I voice my opinion I may be disliked." Most women naturally have that in their minds.

So erase the fear of being disliked, you will like yourself more if you always speak your truth. If someone gives you anger, then return that anger straight back to them, without fear, without guilt. You will be much more respected by the male boss or college, or whoever, if you always stand up for yourself. This I believe should be taught from a very early age.

I don't mean we should say "[email protected]#k off" in situations; well unless it's appropriate! But have the courage to say, “No, I disagree, my opinion is this…” Never be afraid of speaking up or saying no.

As we get older, we become much more confident within ourselves, we know ourselves better, with opinions, wisdom, experience, what we can handle, we see the outcomes of what situations may be. But as a teenager, and during our twenties, most women are yet to find that inner strength and their voice. Think back to your twenties, can you remember a time you wished you had spoken up? I remember a time when a male colleague knew I didn't like it when he raised his voice at me, which he often did. Yes, I wish I had raised my voice back. Now I am in my thirties, believe me, it is no problem at all to shout back at anyone! But I wish I had this strength in my twenties. But it is a time when we are so young, with our good manners still freshly in our minds from childhood.

Dame Helens Advice...

Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

So take Dame Helen's advice, stop being so polite if you are being put down by a man. Take joy in telling him to go away. Take joy in speaking up, and if necessary, take joy in proudly telling him to "[email protected]#k off." Don't ever be afraid of channelling that inner strength, even if you feel upset afterwards, as you would have proudly done the right thing, and in time that strength will become a natural reaction. A strength every woman should have; it is there, embrace it, encourage it, pass it on to others.

To know your strength is power. Dame Helen speaks her mind, gives her opinions, and we all admire her so much for it. We respect her for it. We think no less of her for the occasional swear word! Yes she is a lovely, beautiful, elegant, successful lady. But I believe it is fair to say she hasn't stayed at the top of her game for so many years by being constantly nice and polite. I am sure she would have fought, stood her ground, gave her opinions, and this would have brought her respect. This is empowering to women everywhere.

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If I Had a Little Girl the First Words I Would Teach Her Would Be [email protected]#k Off
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