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If a Boy Doesn't Like You, You Still Have to Like Yourself

The boys from Tinder don't matter.

To the girl who's reading this. I know you. Hell, I am you. You are the girl that swipes right on Tinder hoping you will come across that one guy who will say he isn't just looking for some "fun." You're the girl who believes what these guys tell you. Whether they tell you that you're the most "beautiful girl they have ever seen" or that they would "love to wake up to those green eyes in the morning."

Here is the problem with most men: They will do everything they possibly can to make sure you are happy, you are content, and you feel safe. But do they really mean it? Some may do, and some very much do not. You know when people say that words leave bigger wounds? Whether a guy calls you beautiful or calls you fat, whether a guy says he wants to be with you or he wants to spend the night with you, it will leave a lasting effect.

Let's back up for a second as to why I'm writing this. I'm writing this because I recently dealt with a situation that opened my eyes. Not only to how some guys really are, but what they will do just to get what they want from you. Then what they will do in the event they don't get what they want. Here is a little synopsis...

I swipe right on Tinder.

Guy matches with me.

Guy messages me with some corny pickup line from Google that made me cringe while smiling.

Guy tells me he isn't just looking for a one-night stand.

Guy somehow swoons me enough to give him my number.

I talk to guy for one week and he asks me to hangout.

I cancel on guy because I don't feel comfortable.

Guy goes off on me.

I block guy on every single connection I have him on.

Guy texts me through ANOTHER number, just to specifically tell me that:

"I am fat and I shouldn't waste anyone's time."

Guy proceeds to post a meme to his Twitter about girls that are "ugly" and "play hard to get."

This got me thinking. This guy would tell me for a week straight how beautiful I am and how he would love to do things to me. (What girl doesn't like the occasional flirtatious sexting?) But the minute I fail to hangout with him at the time that he had initially wanted to, he goes OUT OF HIS WAY to tell me how ugly I am and how fat I am. Now, I don't know how you girls would react to that, but my first reaction was to ask who hurt him. Someone had to have hurt him so bad to give him such small dick energy. That's besides the point. A man isn't a man if he talks down to a woman like this. Ladies, I truly wish I can show you these messages from start to finish.

This article went from a motivational speech, to a personal memoir, then to writing about how men suck.

The point of this is to just remind you all to love yourselves. Even if a boy doesn't, or even if you let your personal baggage get the best of you. Live your life for yourself and learn to love who you are. You are perfect just the way you are.

Now that I needed to get that off my chest, it's time to keep making money and relying on me, because my independent beautiful self doesn't need ANY man to rely on for happiness.

Til next time, friends.

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If a Boy Doesn't Like You, You Still Have to Like Yourself
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