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How To Get Birth Control Without Seeing A Doctor

Need birth control but hate doctors? Here's how to get birth control without seeing a doctor.

Birth control is not just about avoiding pregnancy. For many women, it helps regulate hormones, improve PMS symptoms, and also just make life easier. 

Healthcare being denied to you should never be the reason you stop having sex. Sex is natural, and a healthy sex life is necessary for most people to feel good. As necessary as it is, times are getting ugly and birth control is not always easy to access. 

If you can't find a doctor near you to prescribe you birth control, never fear. There are ways to get birth control without seeing a doctor in your area — and many options are available nationwide. 

Most of these options will involve the internet and are considered good, reliable, vagina-healthy alternatives to seeing a doctor. Here's how to do it by states. 

You can order birth control over the counter in California, Colorado, Washington, Hawaii, Tennessee, and Oregan.

OTC birth control is actually legal in the United States — provided that you live in the right states. 

These states allow pharmacists to prescribe birth control to women and fill those prescriptions. So, if you have a local pharmacy in town, having them fill out the scrip should not be an issue. 

On paper, this means that you have a right to get birth control without seeing a doctor in these states. Some of these states have had a problem with pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions due to "personal beliefs." You can overcome this, too. 

If a pharmacist refuses to fill out a birth control prescription, especially one that has been issued by a doctor, complaining to corporate will usually get you results. 

Use a national telehealth company to get the prescription you need.

Technically, this isn't the full definition of choosing to get birth control without seeing a doctor. With telehealth companies, you still will be able to see a doctor. However, it's often in the form of a Skype conversation or a phone call — so no doctor's office appointment is needed. 

This alone makes it a convenient and smart option for women who don't have the time to make it to a doctor's office on their work schedule. Telehealth is available nationally, including with groups like Maven, which focus on women's health. 

Telehealth is cheaper than seeing a doctor for birth control, and also is more convenient than going to an office. They also can offer quality advice on other health issues during your appointment, too. So, we're all for it. 

Consider using an online birth control buying platform, instead.

This is one of the most common ways to get birth control without seeing a doctor — and technically, it's a less personalized form of telemedicine. With this kind of birth control buying method, you fill out a form that tells your overall health. Then, you select the birth control that you get. 

After that, you pay for the birth control, and it gets delivered directly to your home in a nondescript package. Multiple sites out there involve this business model, and while a quick call with a doctor is typically required, no extended talks are necessary. 

Good options in this line of telehealth include Lemonaid, Nurx, and The Pill Club. Some even accept Medicaid. 

Or, if you want to make a statement with your pill, using Prjkt Ruby is a good option.

Prjkt Ruby is a nonprofit organization that believes in OTC birth control and nationally available contraception. This birth control pill provider offers birth control for as little as $20 per month. 

Moreover, this nonprofit also donates a pack of birth control pills to a woman in need every time someone purchases a pack. The process is simple, and women get the help they need in a pinch. 

Prjkt Ruby is available nationally, which goes to show that you can safely get birth control without seeing a doctor — if you so choose. 

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How To Get Birth Control Without Seeing A Doctor
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