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Hell Into Heaven: Final Chapter

Based on a True Story

Chapter 7: Nikki

November, 2012

My stomach is starting to hurt again. Thankfully my classes were done with for the day. I walked to the bus stop that I usually take to go to the hospital where I volunteer with Jesse's mom. Luckily it's the same hospital I was going to be delivering at. After I make it to the doctor's office where Jesse's mom works at, I wobble over to her and whisper to her.

"I'm in so much pain right now. I think I might be going into labor."

"Okay honey, just try to stay calm. Let me let the doctor know so that I can at least walk to you down to the emergency room and see what's going on," she said softly but I could tell she was a little worried and excited at the same time. 

I wait in the emergency room as registration processes my information. Since I'm so far along they're planning on sending me on up to the OB room. Jesse's mom went back to her boss but notified Jesse that I was at the emergency room waiting to go up to OB. 

Once up to OB, I'm attached to the most uncomfortable damn machine known to pregnant women to help monitor the baby's heart beat and contractions. 

Jesse came up to OB about five minutes after I came up. He held my hand and I could tell he was really worried about me and the baby especially since my belly was so big everyone thought I was carrying twins. Thanks to the ultrasound though, it proves it's still only one. 

"Well, Ms. Nikki, it looks like you've started some preterm labor. Exactly how much activity do you do daily?" asked my favorite doctor, Dr. Alexandre Jr. 

"I walk to school, I walk home, I walk to Jesse's house, I walk to the bus stop to get me here. In total... maybe five miles a day Monday through Friday," I replied trying to think back.

Doc's eyes widened like crazy. 

"Wow nice work on the exercise but that's way too much. It's a miracle you didn't go into preterm labor earlier. I'm afraid with your due date still a mere month away I would recommend that you go on bed rest until the end of your pregnancy just to be safe," Doc replied back.

I nodded, slowly processing this information. Jesse squeezed my hand and when we were alone again, he hugged me and kissed me.

"Now you have a reason to stay with me longer. When your parents come we'll tell them what doc said and I'll suggest that you stay with me since I have wifi at the house where you can still do homework at my house with no issue," Jesse said before his mom and brother came in. 

About an hour before I was discharged my folks finally came. I explained the situation and Jesse took over and told them his plan about me staying with him so that I can still do my school work from Jesse's home. 

They didn't seem to put up much of a fight. They left and then I left and went home with Jesse. 

*December 25, 2012*

I prepared a Christmas dinner for my folks. The plan was to have them come over to Jesse's house and we would have a little Christmas dinner. They finally moved out of the motel and into a house about five blocks from Jesse's house. They never visited me since I went home with Jesse from the hospital back in November. 

Hours were going by. Three hours late for dinner and I called it quits. I ate with Jesse and then started to clean up. I wasn't crying yet but I was definitely feeling heart broken. 

Two more hours later, I go into labor. The original doctor I was assigned too was on vacation for the holiday and when his physician assistant answered my page she told me Tylenol and an ice pack is all I need since I'm not due for another week. 

"The hell I am. I'm going into labor and going to the hospital now." I hung up hysterically. 

Within the next hour I was at OB again. Thankfully my favorite doctor was there again covering for my original doctor I was assigned too. 

My folks came an hour later. I didn't say anything to them right away. I was still upset with them. When doc came in he asked for everyone to leave but Jesse.

"Okay, Nikki, so you are in labor but your son hasn't broken your water yet. What I'm going to suggest to you is that we put an inducer in you at 12:01 AM so that you'll be exactly 39 weeks and see if the inducer will help break your water. Would that be okay?" 

"Um, yes. Please. You know my doctor's physician assistant told me that Tylenol and an ice pack is all I need because I'm supposedly not due for another week," I told him.

Again his eyes widen.

"I'm sorry but in my professional opinion there is no way you can make it to next week. I'll let the nurses know that we're going with the inducing. I'll see you at 12:01," Doc says and walks away quietly. 

Everyone comes back into the room and Jesse and I tell them that I'll be induced tonight.

"Are you sure that's best for you, honey?" said my mom.

I wanted to curse her out so bad but decided against it. 

"I'm so big and full, I don't think I can make it to next week. These contractions are so close to each other," I explained and then laid my head back down on the pillow.

*December 27, 2012*

The inducer worked and my son was close to coming out. I could almost feel it.

"Momma we got wrap times two," Doc said to Jesse's mom who's in the room. 

"Nikki, I need you to stop pushing for two seconds," he said so softly and calmly.

I felt his fingers go inside and move around where I can almost feel my son's head.

"Okay Nikki, now I need you to do you one more big push," Doc said calmly.

"You're doing so good baby. He's almost here," Jesse was repeating in my ear and kissing my head and squeezing my hand.

I pushed one last time and felt my son come out. I didn't hear him cry but I didn't hear the doc or nurses worry about him. I rested my head and almost passed out from the exhaustion of the pushing. 

"Nikki, you did really good. Your son would have been an emergency C-section because as you were pushing the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice. He could have died but luckily I was able to go in and unwrap the cord fast before your final push," Doc said as he patted the top of my hand and left the room.

When I held my son for the first time, I cried. A lot of hell I went through just to make this little guy have life. From that moment on I knew the hell I went through was still worth it and I would do it again if I had too. My son and my fiancé, Jesse, are starting new and fresh. Jesse and I feel so at peace now that Junior is here in our arms. Junior is our Heaven.

Thank you to all my readers. I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I have written it. This is based on a true story. Mine and my husband's story. Obviously a lot more happened but this is the basic of what happened without stretching the story in different directions. 

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Hell Into Heaven: Final Chapter
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