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Happy International Women's Day

A Late Tribute to Ourselves, Our Mothers, Our Peers, All the Late and Unborn Women

A few days late, but worth the wait. As an ode to us let’s honor International Women’s day through the Ted talk given by Trace Ellis Ross in April 2018. In Vancouver, Trace stood in the Ted conference room proudly as she presented, “A woman’s fury holds a lifetime.” This truly resonated with me, though I am only in my 20s I unfortunately see and carry the weight my mother(s) had to endure. This Ted talk and this passage here is not to shame the entire male species, not to spread hate, but to open up eyes. It is the 21st century and as Ms. Ross says, time is up and it is now the time to stand up for our women! “Time is up on mans bad behavior!” Let’s give our women a louder voice, be proud of us for speaking up. Let us remove the unnecessary limits we place on the female species. 

As a society, not just men, but as a people a clearer path should be made for our women to strut through. Women need to be believed in, uplifted! Things are getting better, but this is just the beginning. So as a whole we need to keep this awareness alive. The future needed for our women currently here and the unborn, can be a safer place it can be as we imagine but it is to be created by MAN and WOMEN. 

“A women’s fury holds a lifetime” centers around the ideal that a women cannot speak up , she cannot be angry, especially not with the man who has violated her. It addresses how easy society makes it fo ramen to cruise their mishaps against women. During this talk Trace makes it clear that in order for us to get out of this rut we must acknowledge and accept this is happening. It is time for us to accept that we need each other, it is not man vs. women though this is how we function . 

Society keeps this rule of thumb, “It’s not me so it’s not my problem.” But that is just the problem. Women are silenced by this. Now is the time for man to express their natural abilities, and powers to then use for growth of thyself and community. It is genetically embedded for man to uplift women and in return both will see and receive positivity from the world. 

Women such as myself, my mothers, women in China, "We must name it! "We must name our fury,” according to Ms. Ross. I couldn’t agree more. To hide and wither in your fury only uplifts what is bringing you down. Address it and you can overcome, you can find a solution, you can find peace. 

Wisdom and growth waits for us to become a society that has removed ideals/labels such as superiority (man vs. women). The future we envision IS ON THE OTHER SIDE. Just take a look at history and the women who claimed their fury. Just look at what they did for us. It is time for us to repay them. 

Thank you Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Margaret Sanger, etc. etc. Thank you, xo.

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Happy International Women's Day
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