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Gifts That Support Susan G. Komen

This season, give a gift that will give to many. These gifts that support Susan G. Komen will help women get cancer treatments they need.

While she was dying, Susan G. Komen made her sister Nancy G. Brinker promise that she would do everything possible to find a cure for breast cancer. Nancy followed through with that promise and created the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. 

With approximately one in every eight women being diagnosed with breast cancer throughout their lives, finding a cure has never been more important. That's why so many companies are teaming up with Susan G. Komen to create products that help this foundation beat cancer. 

If you want to make the most of your holiday shopping, consider giving these gifts that support Susan G. Komen to your friends. You never know; your donation could save a life. 

Cause Collection Bracelet by Lokai

If you're looking for simple gifts that support Susan G. Komen and raise awareness, then you really can't go wrong with a bracelet. Lokai, maker of quality bead bracelets, has teamed up with Komen to create a series of rose quartz-style bracelets that help support the cause. 

Every pink bracelet sold by Lokai gives $1 to Susan G. Komen. Each bracelet also has a message within its design. The white bead is a reminder to stay humble, the black bead reminds you to stay hopeful, and pink? Well, that's reminding you to take care of your health. 

In the Pink 2-Year Planner by Graphique

Graphique is one of the most popular planner companies in the world, and they, too, have decided to pitch in with the fight against breast cancer. To help Susan G. Komen, they created a 29-month planner that's pretty in pink. 

For the right person, a planner can transform their life. It gives many the structure and organization they need, so give someone you love the gift of efficiency. The planner comes with a personal calendar, ample writing room, plus reference notes. The schedule-oriented friend in your life will love this adorable calendar and the awesome cause it supports. 

Susan G. Komen Satin Print Tie by Knots for Hope

There's no reason why you should avoid giving guys gifts that support Susan G. Komen. Men can get breast cancer, and chances are every guy you know will be impacted by cancer's terrible grip. 

This satin neck tie is a perfect gift for the guy who wants to help combat cancer. The pattern is a subtle pink ribbon design on black silk, making it a great work-appropriate choice for men who want to help raise awareness.

2018 Angel of Courage Christmas Ornament by Hallmark

Hallmark has been a longstanding supporter of a wide range of charities for decades, so it's not surprising that they regularly find ways to help people fighting cancer. 

This touching ornament shows an angel that's wrapped up in a pink bow—a perfect gift for a friend who recently lost a loved one to cancer. This tree ornament continues to give, with a slice of every revenue being donated to cancer research. 

Lace Up the Cure Socks by New Balance

If there's one category of people that will be happy about getting gifts that support Susan G. Komen, it's runners. Runners often volunteer for charity runs to help support cancer awareness, so you might as well offer them some gear that can help them show the cause they believe in. 

Many of the companies that have teamed up with this charity are known for being health-oriented and for having gear that is perfect for runners. New Balance is one such company—and these comfortable socks will add a touch of cancer-fighting pink to any runner's wardrobe. 

Pink Business Card Case by Rolodex

Fighting cancer is serious business, and not many companies know this as well as Rolodex. The famous business stationery company has rolled out with their own series of gifts that support Susan G. Komen for the Cure. 

This is one of the most useful gifts that Rolodex has come up with to help the cure. This business card case holds up to 36 cards, fits in your pocket, and remains effortlessly classy. 

Ultra Power Stand Mixer by KitchenAid

Would you believe that appliance manufacturers like KitchenAid are even pitching in? It's shocking, but it's true. If you have a friend who can never get enough time in the kitchen, then you can knock them out with an amazing treat from KitchenAid.

This massive, high-powered stand mixer from KitchenAid will make meal prep easier than ever before, all while giving a generous donation to help breast cancer research. 

Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 5-1/2-inch Santoku Knife and Y Peeler Set by Kyocera

Another charitable kitchen supply company that you might recognize is Kyocera—one of Japan's leading kitchen knife manufacturers. Fans of the company will be happy to know that they created a couple of gifts that help the cause. 

These beautiful pink kitchen tools work wonders in food prep, and also work well for supporting breast cancer research. A portion of all proceeds go straight to Komen! 

1/18 Limited Edition #63 Pippa Mann by Greenlight

Anyone who thought that cars couldn't help search for the cure clearly hasn't heard of Greenlight. This NASCAR model manufacturer has joined forces with your favorite breast cancer foundation to create some really unique gifts that support Susan G. Komen. 

This limited edition race car model is a specially-painted replica of Pippa Mann's car. Pippa herself is an outspoken supporter of breast cancer research and raised $60,000 for the charity, proving once again why race car drivers are so damned cool. 

Pink Waterproof Nubuck Boots by Timberland

Timberland is known for being a tough company filled with shoes and boots that are built for work. Surprise! They also are built to help people around the world make a better place for themselves through charity. 

The fashion firm recently rolled out a new line of pink Tims to help fight against breast cancer. Sure, this might be a pretty loud shade of pink for some, but it's a fashion statement that comes with a very awesome cause. 

UNO Susan G. Komen Edition by Mattel

Who says that raising awareness for breast cancer research can't be fun? One of the more entertaining gifts that support Susan G. Komen comes from Mattel, in the form of a special "Pink Edition" UNO card game. 

Every batch of cards that gets sold will lead to a $0.30 donation straight to the charity, and will help us all get closer to a cure. 

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