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Five Things Every Plus Size Girl Should Know

Highlights of Real Issues We Go Through and Why We Shouldn't Give a F*** and Just Be Plus Size Queens!

Yaaasss Queen !

1. It's ok to feel like you are a queen/ Instagram model/ beast/ anything you want!

Plus size girls are gifted with humbleness. We know what it feels like to be torn down, body shamed, and hated on because of our weight, but girl if you are feeling yourself you go! Be your own hype beast cause we can own the runway too. You don't have to be a size two to feel like a queen or have a million followers that like your post, or anything. You are your own self-motivator and if you feelin’ extra, honey, you work it cause I know I am not gonna let anybody tell me I can't be a queen. Try and take my crown and see what happens. So all my plus size queens wear your crowns' every day and when you start to believe your worth it, your life will change, because you are beautiful, humble, strong, fashionable, and yaaaaasss queen you are unstoppable!

2. Go get seconds if you want!

This ties into the whole you do you and never feel embarrassed. I know how it is to be in those social gatherings and there’s some bomb a** food that you just can't get enough of, but you feel embarrassed to go get seconds. Well, honey the only one missing out on some bomb food is you, because you are too scared of what others think about you. If you want it you go get it cause you can't live in fear that everyone is going to judge you because you are gifted with extra, As far as I know there's nothing wrong with that. So next time you're at a BBQ and there's some amazing food go get some and don't worry about the haters. If the food is that good they ain't even worried about what you're doing they're worried about their plate in front of them.

3.STOP feeling embarrassed!!!

Embarrassment shouldn't even be a factor when it comes to your weight. Come on I mean embarrassment should be saved for those holy f*** moments like farting in the middle of silence. Even then, damn, everyone does it so own that sh** too. LOL. Anyways you shouldn't be embarrassed of your weight. Instead, embrace it, do whatever you feel like doing because you can. The only people that should feel embarrassed about themselves are those who make fun of overweight people. Plus size people shouldn't have to feel like their bodies are the problem because of the ignorant people around them are.

4. You ain't got no time for feeling sorry for yourself because of your weight. You own it girl.

As every plus size girl knows we all have the tendency to feel a little sorry for ourselves wishing we looked like anybody who's skinny , lost a few pounds, or simply wished your body was different. Uh, no girl you don't have time for all the BS. Your body is yours, you own it and that being said keep a positive vibe. You know how it is, everyone has something to say or think about our bodies cause we don't look like a damn supermodel. Honey, there are plus size models! Anyways, everyone has an opinion and you can't change that the only thing you can change is the way you view your body.

5. You know that style you thought to yourself, "hmm maybe if I was 40 pounds smaller I could pull it off?" Um, actually, you can pull it off even if you're 40 pounds bigger.

In my book, fashion has no size if you want to own that form-fitting dress, girl you own it! Life's too short for us big girls to be giving a rats butt about what we can't wear. We should be focused on what we can wear... and that's anything we want. So go out and buy that outfit you always wanted but didn't get cause you thought “ I can't pull that off," cause girls you can definitely pull it off!

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Five Things Every Plus Size Girl Should Know
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