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Five Instant Beauty Tips to Boost Your Confidence

Self-Confidence Can Change Your Life

Confidence isn’t about looking a specific way and you can be confident with messy hair, no makeup, and even a stained shirt. However, when you take a minute to put some work into your appearance it can (and will) give you a confidence boost. This is a great trick for those of you out there that need a confidence boost, whether you’re down on yourself because of money matters or something else.

I find that when I am feeling down a quick shower and some fresh clothes, and maybe even a little makeup, can help pick me back up. Often, simply some good hygiene can make all the difference in how you feel about yourself. Confidence comes a long way when you’re job hunting, looking for romance, or just want to feel good about yourself. Here are some things that can give you a little confidence boost in the beauty department.

Try Some New Jewelry

As someone that spent many years only wearing a necklace with sentimental value, I learned recently that the right jewelry can make you feel great. It definitely depends on the situation too, though. There’s no sense in putting on a bunch of jewels just to sit at home.

Take into account where you’re going as well. A night on the town calls for some fun, flashy, statement pieces. You can go wild when it comes to just going out. At work, you’ll want to tone it down and follow any dress-code rules your business has. You can get great jewelry for pretty cheap these days.

Go for Subtle Makeup

Unless you’re used to a lot of makeup, going subtle is the way to go if you want a confidence boost from makeup. I suffer from blemishes and rosacea, so wearing makeup helps me be social. I use a CC cream that covers any redness on my face.

Stick with neutral colors for eyeshadow, if you’re going for subtle. I prefer lip balm instead of lipstick. I like the natural color of my lips and lipstick makes me feel out of place. Wear what feels good to you.

Wear Something Different

If your clothing isn’t making you smile, try some new looks. You could just wear a shirt you haven’t worn in months or buy something new to add to your closet. You don’t need a whole new wardrobe, just purchase something that can be worn with other items you already have to help freshen them up.

Consider wearing a skirt if you normally wear jeans, or a dress if you normally wear skirts. Try layering shirts for a different look. There are so many fun things you can do with clothes that will make you feel beautiful and more confident.

Try a Whiter Smile

If it’s hard for you to smile a toothy grin, think about why that is. If you’re missing teeth, consider getting them taken care of (if you can afford it). Or, at the least, practice your closed mouth smile to perfect it.

If it’s stained teeth that are killing your smile, get them whitened. Talk to your dentist about the safest procedures in which to do this. You may also want to cut back on the habits that cause dental stains, like smoking and drinking coffee.

Consider Wearing Heels

Some women feel more powerful when they wear heels. It could be because of the added height or maybe the sound of heels on hard floors. Try them out and see how they make you feel.

Guys can go for heels, or lifts, too. Obviously, heels for men will look a bit different, but they can boost confidence for anyone that feels like their height is a disadvantage! 

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Five Instant Beauty Tips to Boost Your Confidence
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