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Feminism: What It Is and What It Is Not

The Miscommunications Effectively Communicated

Definitions of Feminism
Merriam-Webster: The theory of political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. Organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests.

Urban: Feminism is the radical notion that men are not people.

Clearly, these two definitions have differences. One definition rationally states what feminists want to get out of achieving the main goal, and the other states what anti-feminists see them as.

As a feminist, myself, I can honestly tell you that the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of feminism is closer to the true definition rather than the Urban Dictionary definition. The second definition by Urban Dictionary is revolting and insulting. Feminism is not the hatred of men, but the hatred of their superiority as a whole.

All human beings should be treated the same as any other. Women should not be denied the working title of pastor, the right to play high school football, and should be paid just the same wage as a man in her workplace. Because men erect laws and rules against simple things such as these, there is feminism.

Feminism is not the hatred of the male gender, although some feminists might agree that they dislike men with a passion if asked. Those particular women do not make up the whole feminist community. That needs to be understood. I feel as if men try to twist the definition and goals of femininity in that way so that they still feel dominant, but not all men are like this. Just because there is a fair portion of man hating women and woman hating men does not mean these two genders can be stereotyped as such.

The main goal of the feminists is to gain equality. We have gotten the right to vote and work and play sports as well as have our names copies on worldwide best selling books, so what is stopping us from climbing the ladder? What is wrong with paying hard working women the same amount of wage as a man who is lazy and a man who has ethics? Both men are paid equally in that situation, so why shouldn't women be?

I feel as though I have made my case quite clear and summed up what I have come here to clear up. I hope everyone now understands the meaning behind feminism. All that feminists strive for is equality. We, as women, deserve it for the agony we face every day.

All the catcalls, the rape, the attacks, the slut-shaming, the virgin remarks, the unwanted/unplanned pregnancies, the paranoia for our safety, the sexual abuse and assault, the harassment, the judgement, the use-and-toss methods, the monthly hormone process, and the pregnancy and birthing, all of it.

We deserve so much more than we receive. Women are powerful and motivating, full of strength, and under-appreciated. For all the inequality and high social standards we put up with, we should receive more recognition. Women aren't just beauty gurus or fashionistas; we are people who protect our countries in war. We are mothers and role models, inspiration, activists, political leaders, and we all have the potential to be successful. We can impact younger generations who will be running this earth soon.

A hateful world is no world to be trapped in, yet this is what life has become: Bitter. Addressing women inequality and discrimination/segregation is a root cause of the lack-of-peace environment of this world. The United States, where I live, isn't even the worst place for women to be. In some countries, females are killed when they are born because a male is desired. A small girl could be hit by a car and left in the streets to die. I've heard of it happening.

We just need to be allowed that chance to change the world. Because with all this unfair background of violence and silence, we will do just that.

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Feminism: What It Is and What It Is Not
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