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Feminism Stickers

A Red Bubble Collection

The pictures are some real examples of what is in the list.

I wanted to make this collection to highlight the importance in feminine things like flowers and hearts being a symbol for strength instead of them being a symbol for weakness. Everyday at my work, people get mad me for putting straws and umbrellas in their drink because they are too feminine. I just want to make something very clear: you don't have to masculine to be strong. In this article, I also made sure to include intersectional feminism. After all, if your feminism isn't intersection, who is it really for?

*Before I start this rant, I just want to make it clear that I’m not being paid to say this, it is my personal opinion. Red Bubble is an amazing website.* 

This collection presents items from a website called Red Bubble. It’s a website where artists from all around the world can digitally upload their art and then it becomes available for anyone to buy on all kinds of cool things like stickers, mugs, duvets, pillows, posters, wall tapestries, shirts, dresses and even cute little bags. I have been buying things from this website for over three years and can promise that what you buy is not only good quality but will probably be bigger than you think it is. I have bought three posters, two cellphone cases, a sweater as a gift for someone, a wall tapestry, a mug and lots of stickers. While some items are a bit expensive, I personally think it’s worth it for the right artist. There is also a 20 percent off deal if you buy at least six stickers or cards. This website also allows you to get really personalized stuff that can seem just perfect sometimes. I personally vouch for the quality of the printing at Red Bubble. If there is a problem with the quality, it’s actually more likely to be the artist’s fault, not Red Bubble’s. Again, I am not sponsored by Red Bubble. This is my personal opinion. 

Woman Up!

Ovaries make you tough too! The next time someone says "Grow a Pair", just pretend in your head they mean ovaries. 

Be My Valenti ... I Mean Equal

Don't ever listen to things like the "Rule of Thumb." If they love you, they will treat you like an equal. 

Fight Like a Girl

Fighting like a girl is a compliment. Woman can handle more pain and see more blood. 

Not a Lady

You don't have to act like a lady if you don't want to. Go ahead and swear, just maybe not at work. 

Stand Together

Feminine things are not weak things! Wouldn't it be cool if flowers were a symbol of strength?

Intersectional Feminism

I feel the need to put this in here because working together as women is really important. After all, if your feminism isn't intersectional... who is it even for?

An Amazing Quote

Keep going. It's not about who is going to let you, it's about who is going to try and stop you. In case you don't recognize this, it's a quote adopted by a feminist movement in the US. It certainly is a powerful quote that encourages us women to keep fighting the patriarchy. 

Another Amazing Quote

Never forget a woman's strength! This quote is from the hit TV show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Girl Power!

More Flowers! When you look at it, these stickers are actually pretty big. I was super surprised when my first one came in.

Furry Protesters

I thought I would put this classic in here. After all, cat calls aren't for people. 

Empower Each Other

Please don't put each other down, build each other up. We need to stay strong together. 

My Body. My Choice.

This one is important. No Uterus, No Opinion. 

Please,  just stop telling young women how to dress. 

Being Sassy Is Okay!

Yes, it really is okay to be sassy. Don't let stereotypes bring you down. Sometimes when you are being called a bitch, it's just because people don't like women to have opinions. 

Be Strong

I added this because I have a bracelet that says the same thing, "Be Strong." It's helped me through some hard times. 

A 'Woke' Shark

You said it, shark! It takes bravery to say words like this in public. 

This one gave me a chuckle.

A Classic

Rosie the Riveter, always here to remind us women that we can do it too. 

All Women Standing Together

We need to help each other! This sticker is an important reminder of what we need to keep fighting for. 


I know I know, this one is gross... but I'm so tired of men overreacting to vagina blood. I'm going to keep bleeding every month for a while and I don't want to hate myself for it. So please, just get over it and accept that it is normal.

Mermaid Power

I thought I would through this one because mermaids are a hit thing right now. Why not, right?

Flowers and Bravery

No matter what you do next as a feminist, Be Brave. 

Just remember, feminism is about equality.  

If you are an artist, you should try selling some of your work on Red Bubble. You can't make any money until someone actually purchases your art, but the good news is that you don't have to take your work out in $20 increments anymore... which they used to do. The only catch is that you have to wait until the 15th of every month for them to transfer the money over. I’m pretty sure this is a way to reduce their costs in transferring money; it also probably reduces time. Currently artists have earned over 1 million American dollars all together through Red Bubble, so it sounds promising enough. Just don't quit your day job. 

Thank you for reading my article, I hope you enjoyed it. If so, please feel free to read my other articles here on Vocal. I write about both personal and political things, so whatever you are looking for, I’ve probably written about it. 

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