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Domestic Violence Is a Problem

You can be a solution.

Domestic violence. In those two words what do you think about? Is it the way a man hurts his woman? Or how he forces her to have sex with him? Choking? Screaming? Or simply your childhood? When those two words are spoken, most people think of how a woman is hurt. According to, "Not all domestic violence is on a woman. They also happen in same sex partnerships." Domestic violence is not something someone can just look over. You may find your "prince charming" but he's not all so perfect. Domestic violence can happen to anyone. You can be a loving wife but it doesn't matter to the assaulter. Domestic violence is a well known problem that people are very uninformed about. The domestic violence hotline calls have spiked 84 percent since the rice tape was publicly seen on September 8th.

Imagine that you come home one day, smiling as if the world is a happy place. Nothing really matters to you. You make him a nice meal and he comes home and kisses you on the cheek. He eats your nice homemade meal then suddenly strikes you in the back of the head with a vase. You scream in pain, trying to strike him back using only your fists. He screams at you that you’re worthless and that you have no place in life, you’re nothing to him and you don't matter.

Imagining that can and will scare some women. When you imagine that, how do you feel? Scared? Worried for your own life? If you pay attention much more often you will see it in people. When you see this happening, it scares you. You will freak out inside and not know how to stop it from happening. If it scares you, imagine that person. Imagine the mental state of that person. Not stable and not knowing how to deal with being hurt in such a way. Domestic violence is violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner. Most people know of domestic violence but don’t know the true impact or result in which it can have on a person.

When it comes to breast cancer, the NFL is fine with getting dressed up in pink, but this is not the same with domestic violence and purple. Domestic violence is on the rise and should have more awareness being raised. Domestic violence can be increasing because of all of the stress recently created. Unemployment is on the rise and that can have an effect. “Every year, one in three women are killed via homicide due to their significant other, and one in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime” (domestic violence: statistics and facts) (Nancy, 1). Thats pretty shocking isn’t it? Ever stopped to think this could be you, family, or a friend?

Domestic violence happens to everyone, it doesn’t matter if you are a woman, man, or public figure. Domestic violence is commonly misconstrued as a person being beaten, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that. Domestic violence is on the rise but isn't reported a lot. Often times women won’t tell anyone because they’re scared it’ll cause they’re scared to be “punished” later on by their significant other. This could be because of unemployment, stress, or even the way they were raised and grown up in their life. It’s a scary thought. Not everyone will experience this but a good 25 percent do, as stated in the paragraph before-hand. But it's a great chunk of our society in which has to experience getting beat by their significant other because they’re not good enough, worthless, stupid, ugly, or just not even being “human."

Domestic violence is something serious. If you were to witness someone getting beaten or yelled at constantly by their significant other, what would you do? Help? How, is the question. Most people don’t know how to help someone in need of assistance in this matter. It’s just as simple as tell someone, right? Wrong, there is so much more you could to help someone. Most people don’t know how to help and stop someone from hurting them as well. Most people don’t want someone else to beat them and hurt them as well as the first person being beaten but in all honesty, every little thing you do to help that person does help.

Therapy: The treatment of a disease or disorders, as some by remedical, rehab or curative process. That is the definition of therapy from Do you think that therapy is known as beating your significant other? Well according to doctors fifty years ago it was known as therapy. “What’s most shocking is that doctors believed that a man beating his wife under these circumstances was actually a good thing. They called it, "violent, temporary therapy.” That’s pretty scary to think about. When you think of someone having to beat you just because they’re a bit loony in the head. Doesn’t sound right does it? No one should have to endure being beaten by their significant other just because they’re a bit crazy and have no way else to take out their anger. (Dockterman 2).

When you’re in so much trouble with your significant other you need to stand your ground. “FIRST, manage the relationship you have...NEXT, review your partnership...LAST, analyze your interaction with the third party.” These are just a few steps to recover or stop the violence upon yourself. When you take these steps or even just ones similar to such you should and will succeed with stopping this violence you have been facing your entire partnership or even your lifetime. (Brown 2).

When you’re faced with these things in your lifetime it will cause some disorders for you such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and even trust issues. After leaving him what will you do? Move on automatically? You’ll probably have some therapy, real ones too, and have to learn to gain trust. Once everything is restored you’ll be able to learn to love again.

If you or anyone else ever experienced domestic violence you should tell someone or take safety precautions as shown above. Domestic violence is a serious issue in which can be resolved. The answer and safety of another human-being depends on you and your words. What you say can and will help. Domestic violence is a problem and the solution lies within you. 

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Domestic Violence Is a Problem
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