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You are not alone. Together we can de-stigmatize speaking out about our experiences with sexual harassment, assault, and more.
SWAAY is a ground-breaking media and online publishing company that harnesses the style and glamour of today’s business-minded woman. SWAAY is dedicated to celebrating the stories of established and emerging entrepreneurs to advance more women into the forefronts of innovation and entrepreneurship through visually inspiring and intellectually engaging content.
Body Talk
Your body, your choice? A place to debate and discuss the complexities and controversies surrounding women's' health issues, reproductive rights, and bodily autonomy.
Hidden Figures
It's time to put the spotlight on historical heroines that time forgot. A look at female leaders, fighters, and change makers of past and present.
The Culture of Consent
Bring those blurred lines into focus; deep-dive into issues such as sexual violence, consent, victim blame and the difference between yes and no.

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